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I'm down to help out any way I can. My bass playing has gotten A LOT better since last June. I can try to do some kind of bass interludes or I can compose something, there is an electronic music lab at my campus.

I still remember the bass line to "I'm all that" I can take the notes and scale and mess with it and stuff.

EDIT: I actually noticed that in my "make noise" vid I made for brakes' song, I'm holding the bass incorrectly, lol. I was such a noob.

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I totally forgot about this project...I even forgot it was my idea in the first place! :3-laugh3:

We should do this y'all! :1-say-yes:

We have some dope artists and songs on this board...If only we would have some time to get this poppin'!

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Well, thankfuly this is the internet, which is 24/7 so those who want to particiate should start working on what they want to contribute, then submit the works in a month or so. Then we can all work on figuring out how to get everything together. We all have some free time we can make for this stuff. And we have more than enough people.

I say we should start by submitting photos of ourselves in our JJFP t-shirts.

note: I know this post sounds like I'm trying to take this over, but I'm not, I'm aware this isn't my original idea, and its a community effort. I'm just trying to start things up a little bit.

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I guess I would be down for contributing. Someone could use one of my beats. We gotta a lotta talent up in here, so we should definitely use it and make some quality music for this community album.

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