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Sup y'all..

I've got an idea, how about if we putted an album together!! Everybody on the board who can rap and can make an audio can have his or her song on the album..People like Da Brakes, FuQ, Prince, Hero1, WillReign, BigTed, me and others who have made some audio's could put a song on it! It doesn't have 2 be Will or JJFP releated at all!! What do y'all think??

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Nah, I don't think that's a good idea 'cause we can't even get one track together for "The 5 Star Lyricists Team", how would we possibly pull of an entire album? :dunno:

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Yep 6 months is good...i can make something then!! Let's do this, we still need a title for the album though... :dunno:

i think it would be cool..say we get a whole collective who can work on the album..but we dont have everyone on every track, we can have solo traxs..and just different collabs between members.. just make it real creative and see what we come up with... so fuq and jim might do a track or maybe ted and da brakes etc no restrictions! album titles? nothin comes to mind....

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If your trying to get as many people as possible involved I wouldn't mind making some music for you lot.

I've tried it before on some music programmes on my computer

I won't be offented by a No Thanks

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