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We started this in 2004?


We're more like Will in more ways than we know!! :rofl:

lmbo... when i saw this thread,...i was JUST thinking... how long has this project been in effect and we havent produced anything yet? hahah..

but its all cool... i cant wait... we may have sum up and rising starZ.... and i DO remember, volunteering to cook !!!!!!!!! LOL.... Julie u in????



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lol sounds like the 'munchies' cuz im not eatin beans on toast... too much carbohydrates 4 a chik watchin her figure. LOL....

im just tryna figure out how everybody's gonna compile their audios and etc, for the community album...



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OK, that's it. Where in the heck does this forum stand when it comes to reppin' Will and Jeff? Let Jeff's album come out first and enjoy some months by itself. We obviously can't get an album together to help promote it. So we get a release from Jeff, then a month or longer later, one from us "The Fans", and podcasts and all that until Will's next album. Or whatever happens. Some ideas...

- We have a legit, no mistakes DJ blend some words by JJFP of their different songs.

- Have clips from Podcasts

- A selection of tracks that have been most influential to this forum (Switch, Tell Me Why, Lost & Found, Summertime, etc. etc.)

- A couple rarites

- People's remixes (that are actually any good)

- Audio clips from live shows

- A collage of peoples pics with Will and/or Jeff

- Include links to other stuff (the JJFP t-shirt, Jeff's new album, Will's latest album, etc.)

- People doing homage songs to Jeff

- Get things of what other people have said about Will or Jeff (positive & negative, obviously what will be, will actually counteract what was said)

The possibilites are endless really. But everybody that gets involved in this project has to truly serious and give their best possible effort. Maybe Tim can sell it off the site. Or let it live up to be a "non-profit project". And 2008 seems like a fair release year. 20 years to "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper". And 'We're The Fans'. We either do it, or we don't. Period.


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