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I'm pretty sure that I'm down. I've already started working on a beat. Whether or not it materializes, we'll see. I really like this idea.

As for titles, lets see:

The Co-Lab

The Big Small Community

Those are just some ideas to toss around.

God Blessa!

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i like this idea, i wouldnt mind being apart of this album if ya'll will let me, since i have now got fruity loops i gotta figure out how 2 use it, 6 months is enough 4 me to put somethin 2gether, if not ill tell ya'll n jus be a lyricist for the album if the beat creaters cant write, cause i can write but cant create beats, ive already written songs wit prince, 3cookies, n some others i can get ahold of.....so am i down?

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Don't get me wrong I think it's a great idea man, but I don't have a beat or equipment to record my lyrics with, but maybe if FUQ wants to hang out wit me sometime since he lives closer to me than most of y'all here, I could jump on and spit a verse on his song, that's up to FUQ though I won't pressure him since he's busy with school and I'm busy with work, I got some questions about it though: who's gonna make the CD cover and who's gonna make copies of the albums to distribute to peeps who want it? :dunno: I could also write lyrics too for somebody that doesn't know how to write lyrics if I can't get a chance to record as long as I get credit for it you know! :werd:

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How do I live by U ted? No way U'd drive up here 4 dat.

I meant that we both live on the East Coast, I never been to Pittsburgh before, I wouldn't go there just to do that seriously, but it actually would be more realistic for me to run into you than it would be most of y'all here that live in other countries, I seriously doubt that we could pull it off as much as I'd love to see it happen, it's gonna be hard! :werd:

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Agreed!! Lets hope the release date doesn't get pushed back!! :nana: :kekeke:


so what do I need?

and after we will get CD what's next?...

how many trax?

and there will b parts between the songs... I dont know what is the name... like keith b real in BWS...

and I have 2 make a new song and record on beat that some1 like Da Brakes makes me? or I can use a song that I record now?... like mixtape?...

man I counfues...

p.s WE NEED GOOD NAMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some thing intresting... and new and fresh...

does it need 2 b connected 2 Will?...

like "Will(,) you hear it?" ha ha...

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