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fan 4ever

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I listened to this in the morning. Love the flow, like the lyrics, not crazy about the beat. I wasn't crazy about "Berzerk" either, which sucks since I loved Recovery. I do like "Survival" though.

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when i think of the rap gods, eminem doesn't come to mind 'cause i don't think he's been consistant enough compared to the legends of the game, i do like the direction of the song and the album though, taking it back to the old school flow, now if he stays at this level then yes he could be a rap god

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I'm loving it. The beat isn't for me but man, the flow is insane! I really am loving Berzerk as well, all the nods to old-school rap in the lyrics and video is just fantastic, and the beat is just fantastic. I've given Survival one listen and it didn't really take for me, maybe I just need some more listens though.

I'm really excited for this album. Eminem feels like he's back to his old lyrical self. So may plays on words that I feel like he lost in his last few albums (like "starting from scratch" and "why be a king when you can be god"). He also seems to have lightened up a bit on these tracks. I mean, by Eminem's standards. He still's on the attack but there's also jokes in stead of just line after line of murder.

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well i like that he name checked some of the hip hop legends like nwa, pe, and run-dmc, now i'm looking forward to an album in that level, the direction he's taken in recent times makes me say i'm actually looking forward to an eminem album since y'all know i ain't one of his biggest fans

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Casual is the original rap god!

Now you are about to be bared up, every bar that you thought up;
Im Deified. In my past life, I believe that I died as a Martyr -
Youll get Baptized in Rap Water/
By Protestant Nuns who hold guns like BlackWater;
Bigger than Shaq Daughter-
Im in The Back;The Black Part of the Rap Charter/
Rap-god harder than All yall;
Check the #Hastag
Im in my crash pad having a flashback of when you didnt write rhymes on a trash bag/
I gotta smash that cause Im the #Rapgod you try to snatch that, better give it back dog!-
I got the Cherubim bring out the Seraphim you cant prepare for them better beware of them I bring the Nephilim and then the Rephaim when I rock my thing, with the best of them-
And Im you nemesis, about to finish this kid off/
Spit giant sentences, Genesis 6:4-
Fallen Angel my parliament calling terrible/
rapping to the trumpets that toppled the Walls of Jericho.
The Real #Rapgod Album on Bandcamp/
with alot of my other ****/
I slaughter and smother ****-
You got a cash stack but that fast rap
useless like hairs on an ass crack/
Im abusively intrusive and you confusing me with music-
I moves elusively, Your lil fans are now my fans/
Here is something you cant understand!!!!-

listen to his version here:


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yeah this is nice, thanks for posting tim, casual is a dope mc!

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I agree completely. There's nothing worse than a "sequel" album that doesn't have the artist channeling the original. I suppose it's nice that he tried a different direction with the sound, but the music isn't as good as Recovery. I'm not crazy about what I'm hearing, though it could be much worse.

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His performances on SNL seemed legit...except for him lipsyncing one of the songs!?! Rick Ruben and Skylar Grey were there too.


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So, what are everyone's thoughts on the album. I've only listened to it a few times, but my first thoughts are that his delivery is great and the lyrics mostly good. I like how he continues to stay more open with his subject matter, but I'm not crazy about what he music he selected. "Berzerk" grew on me some, but I wish that and the other old school joint on the album were mixed differently...so they had the energy of the tracks on Rev Run's album. Some of the production is just underwhelming.

The worst part is that "Don't Front" is the best track he recorded, but it's not on the album?!?!?!?! If anyone can get their hands, PLEASE send it my way!!


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