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Tra-Knox on the new album?


do you think tra-knox should be on  

40 members have voted

  1. 1. do you think tra-knox should be on

    • every track!
    • 5-6 tracks
    • 2-3 tracks
    • zero traxs..no tra knox please!

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Don't even ask man....But I would only want him on one or two tracks.I don't want too much of them. I wanna hear Kel Spencer

I think they're the reason BTR was Will's most disliked Album.

That's just what I think.

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No way, i don't think u can blame them for the way Born To Reign waz taken. If u don't like them, then u don't like them, but i think that the lack of promotion killed it's success. Will's experimental efforts on the album is what turned some fans away from it. I think some people wanna blame Tra-Knox so that they don't have 2 blame Will 4 not giving them what they wanted.
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The Will Smith + Tra-Knox thing waz strictly done for Born To Reign. FP said he wanted 2 have a group enviornment 2 create the album since he waz focusing on other things at the time. On top of that, Tra-Knox's album waz supposed 2 come out a few months later so it waz a great way 2 promote them. There isnt' gonna be anymore full albums with them 2gether. I definitly want them 2 work 2gether in the future tho.' They are some talented guys...but i don't think B2R waz the right sound 4 them.
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]I didnt read alla those 2 pages of replies,...lol. don't wanna be :touche: ....but...BUT.

I agree with the posts i skimmed thru,... I want Will all by himself. :lolsign: meaning,...with NO Tray Knox on all of the songs. Tray Knox are just incredible beyond belief, Tone, ramone, chico and simone lol (is that their names) j/kiddn...

but these are definately some talented young men...and handsome at that...so I know they have alotta potential, but they just wont shine like they can, if they stay under Will's light, like that... Actually, phssst...why dont they hook up with
Jazzy Jeff, DANG that will be a great colabo... with their silky smoove vocals, surely they can go some places with ATOJ, with JJ behind the scenes. Will is the man and all, but I think that JJ is THE MAN they need behind them with that magical touch in the studio... :thumb:

dang..i must be rambling..but i wanna see Will do one album by himself...I want a JJFP album with Will n Jeff, and Tray Knox do their own thang,...with JJ producing their beats...how bout that for a fan's "fire & desire"...hahha

3cookies [/color][/font]
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If i'm correct, i'm almost sure they did do work with A Touch of Jazz. Since it looks like the album is cancelled, i guess we'll never hear any 2002 raps from FP or that ATOJ production.
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