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Howmany songs of Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff have you downloaded ???  

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  1. 1. Howmany songs of Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff have you downloaded ???

    • none
    • less then 5
    • less than 10
    • less that 20
    • more than 20

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I've downloaded every one of they're albums. I also have bought them (allthough like Julie said missing Rock The House atm) I see no problems with that. It was just easier than taking the time to rip em and scan the covers etc when I got em this way. I was about to go into piracy in a big way and how everyone jumps on it for the wrong reasons.. but that's for another day. I'm in work atm.
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It's not that big of a deal here when we are sharing with each other...but some people will share and give stuff away 2 anybody. Back when Napster waz big...FP's stuff waz all over the internet. Born To Reign waz easy 2 download also and look at how it did. Reguardless of the promotion and the musical experiments, there is no excuse 4 those kinda sales from a vet who's been successfull 4 so many year. I think it's quite obvious when artists like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, and TLC are barely (or not even) hitting platnium that there is something wrong.
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I'm not sure. Does instrumentals count? The only song I've got is "So Fresh" just cuz how Tim rated it. And it is in fact dope.

Wait! I've got more that'z rite.

My Buddy
Time 2 Chill

That'z it.Just 2 hear the album a friend said they were gonna buy me. btw, they never did. Edited by mfuqua23
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I downloaded a few back in 2002... Maybe 5 or 6 songs in total. Some JJFP stuff, one or two WS songs... I don't have any JJFP albums apart from Greatest Hits, and to be honest I'm not too bothered and have no intention of downloading since I don't support p2p programs... I'm not going to be obsessive about it. Edited by Prince
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sorry 2 bring up old topics, but mine is like 100, lol. all the songs from this site, plus all of Homebase, Code Red, and most of Rock The House and And in This Corner. of course, that was 4 years ago and i bought the JJFP albums as soon as i found them all in stores, so i dont feel guilty :werd:

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More than 20!! but I bought all their albums...( Rock the house is comin..) I have two different versions of the greatest hits,I think one is the uk version cuz it has all the singles of code red, I don't know... Now I've bought again homebase because my mother broke it, but this one hasn't the rmx of ring my bell! One question: how many version of lost & found are released? mine has comin' to the stage as bonus track and switch rmx with elephant as hidden track

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