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Wonder Girls will be stepping onto the same red carpet as world star Will Smith.

Will Smith will be attending the World Premiere Red Carpet Event in Korea for his newest sci-fi action blockbuster, 'Men in Black III'.

The event is scheduled to take place at Yeongdeungpo’s Times Square on May 7th, and Wonder Girls members Sunye and Lim will be present, as well as director Barry Sonnenfeld and actor Josh Brolin.


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More pics here!



Will Smith kisses and tells about Tommy Lee Jones of ‘Men in Black’

Tommy Lee Jones is a tough Texan even off screen. How does Will Smith break the ice with his taciturn “Men in Black” co-star? “I just kiss him,” Smith jokes, adding “Tommy Lee is actually hilarious in his own right.” Has the Fresh Prince ever made Jones crack up? “When you hit him with a really big joke, Tommy Lee will look at you in his serious face and go, ‘Huh.’ You know, that’s a really big score.” Their latest teaming, “Men in Black 3,” opens June 25.


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Another video from the premiere:


12 More Men in Black III Hi-Res Photos

Men in Black III nicely wraps up the trilogy of this franchise with a heartwarming look at why Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) never smiles. It all has to do with a doomsday scenario and a very young Agent J (Will Smith) who accidentally gets in the way. We have twelve more hi-res photos from this summer's sci-fi comedy. Check out Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as they go on the trail of the Spiky Bulba, along with some behind-the-scenes pics featuring director Barry Sonnenfeld.

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