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Call that a dress? German glamour model Micaela Schaefer left little to the imagination in a dress that appeared to be made out of tape


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Oh common. Not Micaela Schaefer...
everyone here in germany knows:
Its more surprise when she is anywhere... in clothes. She is always naked. And most of us dont like her because of that. xD
(But the fact: Now people outside germany knows her... thats is what she want. She is a Female DJ... a naked one... Now she will earn a bit more)

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World record:
Biggest 3D movie premiere in the world.
The record was break with 158 more fans (up to 6819). The old record was from Harry Potter (deathly hallows part 2) premiere in paris.

Exclusiv short interview in axel springer house germany:
Smith: There will be a MiB 4...

(BILD-Mitarbeiter Smith: „Es wird Teil 4 geben!“)

Are there any other source?

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Will on the Chris Moyles show, its at 1:37:00, its only up for 7 days. Its well worth a listen!




From Will's Facebook:


Last time I was here, y’all gave me a piece of the Berlin Wall—y’all know how to treat a brother right! Shout-out to everybody who came out to the premiere last night!

http://www.facebook....04305160&type=1 Edited by Ale
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