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best track on born to reign?


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"Act Like You Know"...hands down!! The beat is bangin'...FP's flow is insane. I waz expecting the whole album 2 sound like this until we found out more about it. I think this is definitly one of the best solo trax he's ever done.
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Guest Prince
[quote=Prince,Mar 23 2004, 07:26 PM]Willow is a Player...  :nhawong:[/quote]
Haha, on the real though I'm surprised nobodys mentioned the albums title track yet (Born to Reign). Trust, that song is dope. Edited by Prince
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I gotta give props to"Block Party" 'cause that joint is bangin'! He should of made of video for that song with Jazzy Jeff 'cause that's what hip-hop is about. Too many M.C.'s are too serious, but Will brings a breath of fresh air to the game.
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