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'Action, not jingoistic action'

"I didn't want this to be an 'America kicks (butt)' movie," he says. "I wanted action but not jingoistic action."

The film was shown in a working-class London neighborhood, and the sequence drew an ovation. Berg decided audiences were cheering a win over terrorism, not nationalism, and kept the scene.

"He's not afraid of trying anything if he thinks it's good for the movie," Foxx says. "He's not a cautious guy. That's what makes him fun to work with.

"Well, that, and he's crazy."

"There's a system to it," Berg says, now frowning at a Rubik's cube on the set of Hancock, his next movie. "You're supposed to be able to do it in just eight turns. I just can't …"

He's filming a key fight scene between Smith and Theron. Four video monitors capture the action, but Berg is fixated on the cube.

Or seems to be. Somehow, he notices something amiss in the shot, which requires a truck driver to scramble out of the cab of an 18-wheeler as Theron approaches it. The driver is descending the cab, from about 10 feet off the ground.

It's not fast enough for Berg, who sprints from his seat to the big rig. "Here, like this," Berg says, leaping from the cab, not bothering with stairs. The actor (John Dykstra) shakes his head and grins. No way he's jumping.

Berg jogs back to his chair and snatches the cube, given to him by Smith, who learned how to solve the puzzle while making The Pursuit of Happyness.

"Now what did Will say the secret was?" Berg mutters, again seemingly ignoring the monitors as the scene rolls anew. You get the feeling that if you dropped a box of matches, Berg could tell you how many were on the ground.

"Don't let him fool you," Smith says. "You think he's making a sports movie. Or a political movie. Or a superhero movie. But what he really makes is dramas, hidden beneath the other stuff. He's a natural director."


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Jason Bateman talking about Will

Q: Anything you can say about Will Smith and "Hancock"?

A: He plays a suicidal, alcoholic superhero who saves my life and to reciprocate I tell him I'm going to help him with his public image.

So I'm trying to rehabilitate him and then he starts to fall in love with my wife, played by Charlize Theron.

I would put Will in the same category as Dustin and Natalie as far as being the kind of person you dream about being the star of your film. Not only does he have the talent, he's an incredible leader. He's incredibly professional without being a stiff. He's incredibly kind and affable without being insincere or phony.

On the first day of shooting he had these two huge motorhomes on the set for Charlize and me to use as our dressing rooms with huge ribbons tied around them. . . . I'd negotiated for a trailer and he picked up the difference.

I was going to be one of those guys waiting in line for the iPhone. I had my little folding chair and my sack lunch and then the production office called a rehearsal for the day.

So when I got to the rehearsal, they said, 'Sorry, hope you didn't have any plans,' and I said, 'No, I was just going to be one of those losers down there in line for an iPhone.' Will picks up the phone right there in front of me, dials some secret number and says, 'Get me three iPhones.' There was an iPhone on my doorstep when I got home from rehearsal.


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looks like the first "Hancock" ad will air around Superbowl time...





December 5, 2007 -- After mostly sitting out the last Super Bowl, the major movie studios are back in full force for the big game.

Five studios have bought pricey ad spots during the Feb. 3 game as they gear up for an ultra competitive summer blockbuster season, according to sources.

Although execs are being tight-lipped, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures are back in the game, which means the other Hollywood heavyweights - Warner Bros. Studios, Walt Disney Studios and 20th Century Fox Studios - can't be far behind.

A spokesman for Paramount confirmed the studio will run a trailer for "Iron Man," based on the Marvel comic book character.

Sony has also bought time for the Will Smith superhero flick, "Hancock" and "You Don't Mess with the Zohan," a comedy starring Adam Sandler, according to sources.

A spokeswomen for Universal said the studio has bought spots during the game, but declined to disclose the specific films.

The heavy slate of motion picture advertising is in stark contrast to last winter's game, when the studios scaled back spending after years of being among the biggest buyers of Super Bowl ad time.

It also helps explain why Fox, which will broadcast the 2008 game, is nearly sold out of ad inventory months in advance. Rates for 30-second spots hit $2.7 million this year, up from $2.6 million last year.

During the last Super Bowl, the studios were skewed toward big-budget sequels with built-in audiences, including "Spider-Man 3," "Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

"You had franchises that had identity and awareness and didn't need an ad in the Super Bowl to get attention," said one studio marketing executive.

So the studios ran trailers for a handful of smaller films, including Lions Gate's "Pride," MGM's "Hannibal Rising" and Disney's "Wild Hogs" and "Meet the Robinsons."

Overall, motion picture advertising was the fourth biggest category, behind beer, automotive and beverages, according Nielsen.

Compare that to the 2006 Super Bowl, when the studios turned out in full force with nine movies, for a total of 4.5 minutes.

For the 2008 summer season, the latest installments of "Batman" and "Indiana Jones" have loyal followings, but there are plenty of other contenders, such as "Get Smart" and "Speed Racer," that don't boast the same level of awareness.

While the Super Bowl was sold out before the Hollywood writer's strike hit in early November, the studios that bought time are probably happy with their decision, especially since the game will likely star an audience-grabbing, undefeated team in the New England Patriots.

Industry insiders said a large-scale event like the Super Bowl will help make up for the lack of late-night shows that were immediately forced into reruns by the strike.


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I read over at IMDB that the trailer debut is going to be with National Treasure: Book of Secrets! I dont know if it is, but i hope that this is true, cant wait for hancock!

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