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Hancock: master thread


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I kinda like it.

He and the costume however look too clean for the character that he is supposed to be, but we don't know what part of the story the photos are from so I guess it's allright.

I think he looks kinda cool. Then again, I have this thing for leather and I think that it makes every guy look cool and every girl super sexy ;)

Thx for the pics MissAshley

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looks ridiculous haha

Thank you Tim! lmao. I really hope this film isn't as goofy as it looks so far, I don't think he has a cape Radewart just glasses.

am I the only girl here who hates when a man has no facial hair? just looks weird to me lol.



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I like the last pictures too, in the 1st one he really looks ridiculous lol He looks different/weird with no facial hair, not that bad. I can't say if the movie looks camp or not 'coz I d0n't know what it means lol i'll look for it on my dictionary.

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