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Excl: Hancock 2 coming?

Despite mediocre reviews, HANCOCK did pretty well at the box office, but I still never thought we'd really see any further adventures from Will Smith's superhero in the future. Apparently, I was wrong. We just got done talking to Will Smith, who's promoting SEVEN POUNDS, and he told us that we'll "definitely" be seeing a sequel.

When we asked Will if he'd ever be up for playing another superhero he replied that there were a lot of unexplored characters in the HANCOCK universe that would be ripe for a sequel and confirmed that we'll definitely see the rumored HANCOCK 2 in a few years. So who do you think these "unexplored characters could be?". While HANCOCK wound up disappointing do you think a sequel could vastly improve on the original?

We'll have much more from Will Smith (and his SEVEN POUNDS co-star Rosario Dawson) next week on JoBlo.com!


Well, the movie can have a sequel 'coz there're things that need to be explain ( I wanna know why Hancock's hat has an eagle and why he draws eagles in the wall while he's in prison) but I don't know if a 2nd part of the movie is a good idea and if people would go to see it.

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I dont want no sequels for this.. Id like him to make more different comedies, or maybe something with Aliens he working on an uniform or something since those are my fave movies from him. I surely want him to win the Oscar so that he will stop playin this Loser Characters he has been doing lately..

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