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A guy that saw a ten minute clip from the movie:

I as at a confrence today and sony showed us a clip. it was the introduction between will and the other lead guy. anyways his car gets stuck on some train tracks. will appears and flips the car off the tracks onto another car. then jumps infront of the train to stop it. everyone stuck in traffic get out and start yelling at will for how he handled it. and some lady says something like that lady should sue u for flipping the car on her. and will says you should sue mcdonalds for *beep* you up ( she was a big lady) and then she complains that he smells like booze to which he replies " because I've been drinkin bitch" so from what I can't tell it has potential for an R rating. but im sure it will be cut to pg 13. the foorage was a little rough. the trains cgi was incomplete but it seems really intriguing.

Really hope they wont cut this movie down to a PG 13, I don't know why, but movies are always better when they have some cursing in them... It's more like real life i guess...

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New review from IMDB:

I saw the movie tonight and enjoyed it a lot so here's my take:


Good specil effects (even though there not all done)

Excellent hour and fiteen minutes (the movie is probably 100 minutes in length if I had to estimate the pacing in that time period was spot on)

Good combintion of humor and action (I'd say more humor though say in the vein of Beverely Hills Cop, which had a good mix of humor and action)

Will Smith nails the character (even if the chaacter goes through a number of sudden changes out of nowhere)

Even though there weren't as many action sequences as expected they all were pretty memorable especially a fight between Hancock and another superhero (I won't spoil it)

A really good twist that I didn't see coming at all (when you see it you'll understand)


The villain wasn't fleshed out at all in any way (they really didn't need to have one in the first place and could have changed a few of the last scenes)

The last 25 minutes shifted more into a drama and didn't totally fit the character of Hacock of the first hour of the movie

Charleze Theron didn't have much to work on for the first fourty-five minutes besides not liking Hancock

The relationship of Jason Bateman's character, Ray and his wife Mary isn't fully fleshed out and the chemistry isn't all there (towards the end Will Smith has better chemistry with her and there scenes together are juicy and easily the best parts of the last twenty five minutes)

Overall I'd give the film an 8.5/10 because it was an innovative look at a superhero other then all the Batman's and Supermen we're given a truly conflicted charqacter who isn't fully invincible. There are many quotable scenes, funny moments, and good special effects that you haven't seen in other movies before. I expect this film to make a lot of money at the box office this summer and please many Will Smith fans along with action fans or people who are looking for a solid popcorn flick.

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New review:

I thought it was a pretty good movie. Not a movie I would have seen just by seeing the preview. I am not usually a fan of the super hero movies. I did not know what movie I was going to see when I went in to the theatre. I was more than a little disappointed when I found out that this was the movie. I thought that I might actually leave. I figured that I would at least stay to see the beginning of the movie and if I did not like it I would leave. I was pleaselantly surprised.

Unlike most reviews I have seen I really liked the drama at the end. That is what made the movie for me. I did feel that the . I also thougth that the because it had nothing to do with the plot of the movie. I also felt that the could have been cut down a little and it would have had the same effect. I also liked seeing Will Smith being a sillier role. I first saw him in "Friesh Prince" and he was a total goof ball it was good to see him be funny again.

Jason Bateman was really the show stealer he did a great job with the comedy and the drama. The kid is super cute too.

All in all it was a good movie. If you like action movies I would say go and see it. Even if you are not big fan of action movies (like me) the drama will make it good to see.

Now, i don't understand much of what the guy is writing, but it sounds like he liked the drama bit...

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Sneak peek: 'Hancock' — Another superhero with issues?

By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY

"He does as much damage as good": That's how director Peter Berg describes Hancock, the offbeat superhero who will be played by Will Smith. The movie opens July 2.

LOS ANGELES — Every superhero has a weakness. Hancock just happens to be flush with them.

He hates his job, loves his booze and would be pulled over for flying under the influence — if anyone could catch him after he has plowed through a building or traffic sign.

All of which makes the Will Smith film, due July 2, an anomaly among superhero pictures, most of which are ripped from the pages of comic books.

"He does as much damage as good," director Peter Berg says from the set on Hollywood Boulevard, where he and crews have turned over trucks, set fires and scattered plastic rubble to turn Los Angeles into a city of ruin.

"Jimmy Kimmel was watching from his office and shaking his head at us like, 'What the hell are you doing?' " Berg says. "There are a lot of fun things to making a movie, but the best is creating an entire world that feels real."

Part of getting real: using a harness and wires, not a green screen, to make Smith's superhero fly. The actor was suspended 200 feet above the ground and propelled at 50 mph, and he's more than fine with it.

"The computer effects look great," Smith says after being unhooked from his ride down the famed street, home of the Kodak Theatre and the Oscars. "But it's more fun to get your hands dirty."


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Two new reviews (Spoilers!!!):

The movie Hancock begins (if I recall correctly) with a high-speed chase. A bum is sleeping on a bench, a kid tries to wake him up. It turns out the bum is Hancock, and the kid points at a television and tells him that he needs to do something. Hancock doesn't want to do anything, so the boy walks away and says something like, "asshole".

So Hancock flies up into the sky and goes after the car which is driven by some asian gangstas. He crashes into the backseat and they try to shoot him, but of course, he is a superhero and the bullets do nothing. Hancock's demeanor is very funny. He acts like some average guy on the street, pretty much a ghetto superhero. But the thing is, Hancock makes a BIG mess everywhere he goes, he causes thousands of dollars in damages by accidentally destroying buildings, overturning trains, beating up people. He also has a bad attitude, and a lot of people don't like him.

Then there is a scene where he is drinking at a bar and a girl tries to seduce him. She goes to his home (which is four trailers stuck together in the desert). [This all takes place in L.A. or something, by the way] They have some sort of sexual tryst off-camera, the entire trailer rocks violently and when Hancock ejaculates, it looks like two bullets shoot out of the trailer ceiling into the sky. This freaks the girl out, and she ends up sneaking out the bathroom window and driving away, leaving Hancock talking to a door.

Jason Bateman is a good wholesome guy who wants free medicine for people who need it. Of course, the drug companies don't want that. He is sitting in traffic when he realizes he is in stuck on train tracks. He tries to pull out, but the traffic is so tight, he can't budge two feet.

Hancock comes and saves his life, but of course, he derails the train and all the boxcars go off the tracks. Nevertheless, Jason Bateman likes him and Hancock flies him to his house. Notice! This scene is pretty memorable and funny. Especially when Will Smith says something to a fat guy about McDonalds (I don't remember exactly what he said, but the whole audience literally roared with laughter).

It was something like:

FAT GUY: That woman could sue you!

HANCOCK: Have you thought of suing McDonalds? Cause they really ****ed you up!

Hancock meets Jason Bateman's wife (played by Charlize Theron) and his son. It was uncomfortable seeing the wife consistently staring at Will Smith, but that is all explained later.

I don't remember what happened after that, but Jason Bateman convinces Hancock to turn himself in to authorities (who have warrants for Hancock's arrest for all the damages he's committed). Jason Bateman tells him that if Hancock is gone for two weeks, the public will miss him and demand for him to come back.

Hancock goes to jail and all the cellmates hate him because they are all in jail because of him. He threatens two guys, that if they don't move and let him pass, he will put one guy's head in the other guy's ass (or something like that). THIS LITERALLY HAPPENS.

Hancock stays in jail, but is convinced nobody misses him. The public all want him in jail. Eventually though, the crime goes up %30. Then one day, the police release him because there is a robbery at a bank and they really need his help. Jason Bateman provides a superhero costume and Hancock saves the day. This bank scene was really cool, I thought. But, its also similar to the scene in "Batman Begins" when Dr. Crane (the Scarecrow) first meets Batman.

The man leading the robbery tells him that in his hand is a detonator. If his thumb goes off the detonator, all the explosives will detonate. Will Smith cuts the hand off. (Pretty hilarious)

After the half-way point, the story goes down the drain (in my opinion). We finally find out what the deal is with Charlize Theron's character. The man who led the bank robbery escapes from jail. Hancock finds out who he is and where he comes from. Yadda-yadda-yadda, find out when it comes out in theaters. Oh yeah, the only thing that Hancock knows is that he woke up in a hospital with two tickets for Frankenstein (1931) and he had no family or friends to claim him.


Anyway, on to the movie. There wasn't much to the movie that we haven't seen from the superhero movie genre before, but it was definitely a different kind of movie for Will Smith. Overall there was a decent blend of action and comedy, with some things that comic book fans have been waiting to see from a superhero movie, and a twist to the origin of Hancock's powers that may make or break the movie for some.

The bits that are sort of rehashed are the hero in need of redemption, and a city that doesn't really appreciate him. There are also parts where Hancock's powers are applied in an arguably realistic manner. Some examples of these are how the ground cracks when he takes off or lands, and how he has to use his fingernails to shave. No heat vision for Hancock to reflect off a mirror and shave. In fact, it seems like his powers are limited to super strength, invulnerability, and flight, standard superhero set. We also get to see how a superhero does sex when a groupie is taken back to his place. This we already saw in My Super Ex-Girlfriend and, if you want to get technical, My Super Ex-Girlfriend is probably the closest thing to Hancock in terms of feel, but not quality (aren't you glad?).

The effects weren't all complete, but there are definitely some nice sequences, such as Hancock chucking a whale into the ocean, Hancock taking the brunt of an oncoming train, and even a superpowered fight.

As far as this being a different kind of movie for Will Smith, it's essentially Hancock's dickery that makes the difference. It's strange to see Will Smith portraying a character that isn't immediately like-able, after all he's probably one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood. However Will Smith did a good job of detaching his Hollywood and standard character self from this character. He displays some decent range in the movie. Of course he does his comedy, but also goes from jerk to outcast to honest to god hero.

Speaking of comedy, there are some parts to the movie that will be just as surprising as funny. Hancock has a running joke in the movie where if someone calls him an [censored] hole enough times, someone's going to get their head shoved up someone else's [censored]. Suffice it to say, we see Hancock make good on that threat. Yeah, ouch. In another scene, a little kid calls Hancock an [censored] hole a bunch of times too, and gets himself thrown into the stratosphere.

In addition to some good comedic lines from Jason Bateman's character of a public relations representative trying to redeem Hancock's image, those are some of the best parts. Now, on to the part that may make or break the movie for some movie-goers. I'm not sure how else to put this, but in the movie . . . Hancock is basically a god. He's a god that got amnesia 80 years ago after sustaining head trauma while trying to stop a mugging. How did he get injured? That's another part of it. Charlize Theron's character, the wife of Bateman's, is actually a god as well. It turns out they are husband and wife, and also happen to be each other's Kryptonite. When they are together they become mortal, so they can eventually die and leave the Earth dimension. Of course, this emerging closeness is what causes Hancock to be vulnerable enough for a big show-down at the end of the film. Oh, and one more thing: Hancock ends up killing a couple times in the movie, as well as brutally subduing some criminals. This might turn some off as well.

Overall I found the movie to be entertaining. It wasn't Spider-Man 2 or Batman Begins as far as balancing entertainment with characterization in a superhero film, but it was entertaining nonetheless. If you're a fan of superhero movies or Will Smith movies I would recommend it.


Also, in attempting to keep the review from becoming a play-by-play, I forgot to mention something else that makes Hancock different from other superhero movies. Know how I said a lot of people in his city were clamoring for his arrest? Well, part of Bateman's publicity campaign is having Hancock actually turn himself in and wait for the public to actually want him back, so we get to see the superhero sent to jail. And, being the dumb criminals that they are, the guys that Hancock sent to prison actually think they can gang up on him and beat him down. Let's just say hilarity ensues.


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