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Whats going on with Switch is the release date changed? I haven't heard it played over here in the UK yet...... Sorry if this has been discussed already. I don't always have time to read all the other posts. Peace
Will looked gorgeous at the VMAS. (had to add that) LOL
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I doubt it's been dropped he's been saying in loads of interviews that it's the new single, it was always likely that it would be a week or two late seeing as he said when he announced it 6 weeks but that was never definate
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It may be delayed being released cos he still hasn't secured a record deal to put it out on yet (Unless anyone knows otherwise)

Wont stop the vid being on TV tho soon.
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I just can't wait 4 it
no matter when it comes out, i wil be wit my headphones listening to it..
but I gotta agree that it's taking alot longer than i thought..down hear{ forum boards}, i read augast 2004 the new single will be heard..but that's just the way it is.
aight, peace
[b]word life[/b]
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