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Hancock trailer is here!


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hahaha looks funny!! I hope this is not one of those movies where the trailer shows all the funny jokes and when u go to see the movie there's nothing better.

Thank u for this!!

I've just seen the movie comes here 2nd july too. Only 7 months of waiting lol

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Looks fun - but after having seen the trailer for Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" 2day any other trailer looks quite underwhelming!

haha, I was just about to say that I am looking forward to hancock more that batman now... I guess we're all different...

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Guest fabman2lazy2login

Yep - we ARE different.

Thing is, Hancock looks fun but TDK looks like it could be one of the most memorable action movies of the last decades, up there with Terminator 2 and Die Hard. And Heath Ledger's Joker is really something special.

Well, Hancock is released September 5 here in Italy so I've got a lot of time after TDK's release (July 18) to get hyped up for the movie I guess.

2 excited 4 Batman @ the moment! :D

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One thing is off here. They are marketing it with the teaser like it's comedy,

but from everything up until this teaser everything pointed towards a dramedy, with influences of all genres. And the biggest thing that made it feel like ''corny'' as some said was the rap song they used. I mean charlize, Will, director all said this is not some sort of comedy, it's a drama with influences of a lot of genres.This is the reason IAL worked, it played on all genres, the trailer really had you from the moment. This feels more like ''my super ex-girlfriend'' then it does like ''Superman 3 (you know where S goes evil)''.

I still enjoyed it but I'm hoping for more.

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