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Billboard numbers are finally in...


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1 Kanye West Roc-a-fella/idjmg 930,251 --


-- 2 50 Cent Aftermath/interscope 659,682 --


-- 3 Kenny Chesney Bna/sbmg Nashville 400,202 --

Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates

1 4 High School Musical 2 Walt Disney Records 129,797 -24%


4 5 Hannah Montana 2 - Meet Miley Walt Disney Records 42,371 -5%


3 6 Fergie A&m/interscope 42,107 -8%

The Dutchess

7 7 Nickelback Roadrunner 34,712 -6%

All The Right Reasons

12 8 Colbie Caillat Universal Republic 31,976 +22%


6 9 Now 25 Utv 31,633 -17%

Various Artists

10 10 Justin Timberlake Jive/zlg 31,162 +11%

Future Sex/love Sounds

11 11 Linkin Park Warner Bros. 30,509 +9%

Minutes To Midnight

27 12 Timbaland Interscope 28,042 +47%

Timbaland Presents Shock Value

-- 13 Grey's Anatomy, Vol. 3 Hollywood 27,896 --


2 14 Casting Crowns Reunion 27,430 -53%

Altar & The Door

20 15 Common Geffen 27,295 +25%

Finding Forever

5 16 Hairspray New Line 26,578 -31%

Original Soundtrack

19 17 Maroon 5 A&m/octone 26,561 +14%

It Won't Be Soon Before Long

21 18 Rihanna Def Jam/idjmg 26,543 +31%

Good Girl Gone Bad

14 19 T.i. Atlantic/atl G 26,187 +4%

T.i. Vs. T.i.p.

9 20 Amy Winehouse Universal Republic 25,879 -9%

Back To Black

-- 21 Trisha Yearwood Mca Nashville 23,334 --

Greatest Hits

23 22 Daughtry Rca/rmg 23,018 +16%


13 23 Taylor Swift Big Machine 22,472 -10%

Taylor Swift

16 24 Jonas Brothers Hollywood 20,812 -14%

Jonas Brothers

28 25 Michael Buble Reprise 20,164 +10%

Call Me Irresponsible

18 26 High School Musical Walt Disney Records 20,028 -14%


15 27 Plies Warner Bros. 19,483 -20%

Real Testament

-- 28 B5 Atlantic/atl G 19,329 --

Don't Talk Just Listen

17 29 Yung Joc Bad Boy/atlantic/atl G 18,615 -20%


38 30 Talib Kweli Warner Bros. 17,541 +12%

Ear Drum

29 31 Avril Lavigne Arista/rmg 17,271 -5%

Best Damn Thing

33 32 T-pain Jive/zlg 16,852 -2%


34 33 Brad Paisley Rca/rmg 16,479 -2%

5th Gear

37 34 Tim Mcgraw Curb 16,436 +2%

Let It Go

30 35 Bon Jovi Island 16,343 -9%

Lost Highway

24 36 Paramore Fueled By Ramen 16,222 -17%


-- 37 Feist Interscope 15,557 --

The Reminder

32 38 Sean Kingston Epic 15,476 -12%

Sean Kingston

35 39 Akon Src/universal Motown 15,346 -6%


8 40 Chiodos Equal Vision 15,190 -55%

Bone Palace Ballet

26 41 Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals Virgin 14,796 -23%


31 42 Plain White T's Hollywood 14,537 -18%

Every Second Counts

25 43 U.g.k. Jive/zlg 14,283 -27%

Underground Kingz

39 44 Hannah Montana Walt Disney Records 14,113 -10%


44 45 Sugarland Island/mercury Nashville 13,420 +5%

Enjoy The Ride

42 46 Pink Laface/zlg 12,972 -3%

I'm Not Dead

47 47 Rascal Flatts Lyric Street 11,993 +4%

Me And My Gang

43 48 Carrie Underwood Arista/rmg 11,993 -9%

Some Hearts

46 49 Toby Keith Show Dog/universal Nash 11,980 -1%

Big Dog Daddy

36 50 Atreyu Hollywood 11,697 -28%


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I don't think you can say it's the end for someone who sold 660, 000 in their first week.. 50 is on a nice downward trend though..

Yes he sold 660k...but he also put in more marketing than ever. 6 singles before the album releases? The amount of publicity and advertising dollars he and Interscope put in?

The thing is, no company is going to agree to put the same amount of PR dollars in for a guy who didn't hit ridiculous numbers associated with ridiculous advertising.

If he had put in the amount of PR work with Interscope as he did on the Massacre and still sold 660k, then yes Interscope would still be all over him...but these numbers don't make up for the effort the label put forward.

And they'll remember that.

The funniest thing I must say though...50 attacks Def Jam for their practices...and then Interscope for their "reactionary" practices...Both Def Jam and Interscope are owned by the same company...so this "Competition" has only made ridiculous money for the heads at Universal.

50 can say "I Get Money" but like Master P told him in a recent BET interview (where 50 acted humble! He actually basically apologized for "misunderstanding" Master P's recent moves to clean up his act).....You can say you're on your way to a billion...there are guys moving equities with annual cash flow of billions easily.

That's why I'm gonna be on Wall Street. :kool:

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That's amazing Kanye went almost platinum in just one week these days, Interscope was hoping that 50'd do "GRODT" numbers by releasing that many singles but really most of those singles weren't hits on the charts so that ain't happening, it's clear to see his career's on a decline

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Well, congratulations to Kanye. He finally beat 50, just as I thought. It's good to see that time's changing. I'm not a critic of gangsta rap, but it's a fact that hip hop was suffering. There were alternatives to gangsta, but nobody really cared about it. Now most listeners (even the younger ones) realize, that they have enough of G's and drugs and all of that stuff. As long as guys like Kanye, Will.I.Am, Nas or Jeff live, hip hop will live as well.

But if you ask me about 50, I don't think he will retire. He doesn't have the balls to do what he said. Or, in other words: He talk the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk.

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well 50 already finished is last album then he is releasin a Greatest Hits, see this is the problem w/ hip-hop/rap, everyone of the fans are hatin on another mas riches just because they think he doesnt deserve it well excuse 50 for coming from nothing to sumthing aka the American Dream

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well 50 already finished is last album then he is releasin a Greatest Hits, see this is the problem w/ hip-hop/rap, everyone of the fans are hatin on another mas riches just because they think he doesnt deserve it well excuse 50 for coming from nothing to sumthing aka the American Dream

Yep the american dream is acting like a jerk to everyone you know, especially guys like Nas, Master P, and Jay-Z...you know...the guys that gave him his first tours, while marketing your act, a sexual and violent act, toward the 11 to 14 year old girl demographic. Oh and don't forget the macho-anti-women sentiments. Remember, women are just objects in Americans' eyes....

Please, the guy is the classic jerk who will step on anyone and everyone just to satisfy his own greed...

That's not American...we're competitive...but there's a line.

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