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  1. i seen it it looks cool i wud buy it if i had 400 haha
  2. naw i think overbrook should exist because of the fact that they got different styles if they made a new lable combined then they could....nvm iono what im saying haha
  3. ok well theres 2 different extras 1.best bits 2.bloopers 1. the best bits is just the best weather its funniest, dopest,flyest, etc, moment. They are mainly moments with in season 2. 2. bloopers is mostly just bloopers played at the end of the episodes without all the credits rooling by.
  4. lol i have no clue who cozmo is so what ever haha.... alright fuq I'll work on somethin then pop it ova to you iight
  5. by the way by next week i can do tuesday 8-9pm thursday 8-9pm friday 6-7pm saturday 9-11pm sunday 9-10pm any or all of them is fine
  6. Finally I got it downloaded took 2 hours. Anyways I installed the plugin aswell Tim. Lemm know what to do. Holla at me either in pm's or here homie
  7. haha lerkot you visited a strange man with a turtle?? wdf haha
  8. he won't retire now. he can't he'll put out another album Encore wasn't a good album to be that close to retire gretist hits aint **** for a retiorment
  9. welcome man good to see another will fan homie
  10. yeah he does mention game. for sure it aint a disss game has respect
  11. heres a picture of both my seasons i took haha. im thinkin of buying the 6 seaons full set for $116
  12. haha nice^ lets hook it up. ya wanan do a party track?
  13. any ya'll buy it I did now i got both 1&2. I'mma take a picutre "oh, me so happy"
  14. yoh Will's site has OverBrook but its Blank no info?
  15. yoh does anyone wanna do a track wit me for the jjfp community album? sorry if i posted this in the wrg place.
  16. thanks Funky for da feed girl. I'm tryna get better an betta so i appricate it
  17. yoh guys can any of you tell me why the overbrook contact e-mail is not working?
  18. yeah when i first heard it i was like what? then i replayed it.. then went and found lyrics
  19. yeah it cud be a doll, but i aint mad at kanye throw it on when ya wit cha hunnie haha
  20. maby something significant happened on tuesay and thursday and hes saying that he would tell will that the pain comes then
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