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  1. hahahahahahahahaha nuff said thats a joke
  2. haha thats sick i gotts re-sign up an ill post a rap haha
  3. cassidy cassidy vs. the game
  4. 90's i heard he was befor then? buh trust da albums good its got street in it though
  5. haha thats weird man its funney that they only have certain lyrics though, the rest of the album aint just "rich king" oh well thanks for this
  6. Yoh Cuban links new album is out 8:16:05 its a crazy nice album this latino got flow ya'll really needa check it! this is real hiphop cubans a vetarin back from the big-pun days.. ya'll really needa check this album out! my word you won't be disappointed! i have heard the whole album it is fresh as hell! :dope:
  7. radio? what where how why when? haha i eneda check it
  8. cool i'll be sure to check that stuff out soon
  9. oh alright thanks that explains it!
  10. cool thanks for that i can't wait for this man damn
  11. damn i gotta check that out but im limited to episodes cant find them anywhere
  12. haha thats cool "id you can't dance" would make a great single
  13. yeah royce is one of my favourite rappers, i really have no clue about ghost writers best bet is to check album cred's it'll tell you
  14. depends on what you looking for in the uploading site yousendit= fast downloads, good uploads, gone in 7 days rapid share= good all around but only upload to 50mb megaupload= slow download, ok upload
  15. oh my bad haha i searched for willsmith on google and i couldn't even find this site all the links are like pattismith an all this other crap
  16. yeah thanks all and johnny naw i aint got micromedia flash what excatly can it do that adobe cant?
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