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  1. Will Smith Haters unofficial List: Eminem and Company Bow Wow- previously Larry Elder Wendy Williams Hip Hop radio stations
  2. I dont remember what it was called it was like top 50 HipHop something but anyways it was hosted by Diddy
  3. It's no accident Will Smith is an Oscar Nominated Ac-"can't bring the words to say it" tOR
  4. Humorous... but probably one of the worst content podcasts... Keep up the humor though! RE RE: I CAN'T STop da da da da da !
  5. ^^ hehehe, just waiting for Ted's response... i'll probably agree with it... Why don't i have my own thoughts... it's easier if ted writes them for me
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVD1YZUATQQ There you go it may take awhile to get up online check back if it doesnt work initially
  7. Saw it on youtube Amazing Stuff! He was like the Fresh Prince of Bel-air, i.e. HIMSELF
  8. you sure about that one? u might have to double check that "my friend" Hell, when Will was a growing teen he wrote curses in his rhymebook... 20+ years ago But he eventually changed his ways
  9. Can someone upload these again? I missed out
  10. Sick VIDEO! I put it on my myspace!
  11. My friend, Rappers have been cursing since the dawn of raps existance. Will Smith FROM THE START chose to be different. He has gotten a lot of haters because of this, but has gained true fans in the process. 90% of Fans who enjoy cursing rappers like 50 Cent and Eminem, only enjoy them in the club/car radio, and then forget about them after that. Will Smith Fans stay true forever
  12. YEA YEA! Ted just spat out 50 cent in an Greatest MC thread... Tsk tsk! :rofl:
  13. I'm suprised no one has said Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Come on that's still a song!
  14. Thats just the second half... I've got my intro and my end in edit for now.
  15. Damn, either you a memorizing Whore... or you're a STAN or in Will Smith Terms a Loretta
  16. Now every sunday mass I'll always attend Jesus spoke to me and sparked my pen He said don't rap about things you don't relate to Keep your head in focus, stay in school Cause the music industry is out to get you transform you into something allota rappers do Smoke the Chronic, Drink the Tonic and drop your pants past your jewls and then tell you that's how you're gonna rule But No uh-uh, that's-not how i'm gonna roll toss the liq and the weed right into that bowl because making it as a rapper is one of my goals and making good music is what's really in my soul anythoughts it might be mellow dramatic
  17. How many Will Smith Songs have you memorized completely? This does not mean sing-a-long... How many songs can you recite without music! I've got 2 Gettin Jiggy Wit it Here He Comes His songs are so lyrically demanding sometimes hard to remember lines with SAT words in them... DAMN!
  18. updated!!! MTV LISTED JAY-Z as Number 1 Emcee alltime hahahah!
  19. Anyone know where to get a good PC mic that can record vocals well? So far I was just using a cheap headset to record some of my songs... Anyone know a good affordable microphone for me?
  20. L&F This album just got the mood of pure HipHop. You can just listen and listen to any song on this album and you'll vibe... Willenium was good, and even great, but it just wasn't compiled together well... It seemed like a compilation album with no central meaning for the album to exist. Although the songs in themselves are nonetheless amazing.
  21. "I had just got off tour about to go do another tour, 50 was doing Get Rich or Die Trying, he was still hot, and Kanye had just dropped the College Dropout and when he did that I was still on The Scream Tour," Bow Wow told Vibe.com. "I wasn't downplaying my other hip hop peers- Ludacris will always be hot, Snoop is going to always be hot and I respect everybody in hip hop, but at that particular moment that's what I was really talking about. I'm not saying I'm the best ever, can't no nobody touch me, but I was just really giving myself props and the people that were on the TV every three, four, five seconds. "Every time I would turn on the tube and at that particular time it was myself, 50 and Kanye West and that's all that I was saying." What in the world? So Bow Wow only listens to Rappers that are on tv? That just brings him down 2 notches of hiphop credibility. Do you think he knows who Run-DMC is? I mean he's a phoney
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