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  1. Does anyone know if it will be televised or at least be taped for viewing on MTV VH1 or something like that. IF anyone is going can they tape it! Thanks
  2. come on, some had to take good notes. I remember one memorable comment he made during his speech "The world of rap is turning towards negativity. I am here to hold it up as long as I can"
  3. LOL... OOPS i meant does anyone have it? PLEASE POST!
  4. Saw the video!!!! Was dope. They only showed 2 scences, first and middle... Host of TRL was very promotive about the video, mentioned it every time they took a commercial break. Told the viewers to stay tuned to watch it... Claimed he was the party starter, and getting it done in that video... good job, they asked viewers to vote it in, to get it into the top 10
  5. On VH1's new award show for hip hop classics. Why aint Big Will up there with LL and all!
  6. I was spinning my newly bought Born to Reign CD and its really slick... It has two non-men in black songs that are off the shizzle. Check out Act like you Know and How da Beat goes. Its really up tempo... these trax should have been re-released as extras on Lost and Found... What do ya'll think
  7. http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2YA09NP...TR1RQXRJUKD2HEQ YEAH!!!
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