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  1. It's really hard to decide what is his best raw rap track.
  2. http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/hip_hop_ho.../honorees.jhtml What do you think about the nominees
  3. Who thinks that these albums are very similar... RnB vibe, and one Song on Each Album that is actually Hardcore rap style
  4. yes sir i uploaded that last year oops i forgot to log in when i wrote that
  5. Hopefully he makes MIB III then at least we'll get a track eh?!
  6. The girl hes dancing with is smoking!
  7. anyone know where i can get the sexy lady remix?
  8. Will has claimed he came out of an area that had drugs and violence around corners, but always chose not to be part of that
  9. Will + 50 Cent Sell 10 Million: and people start talking Will as a Rapper or Will + JJ Sell <1 Million: We're happy but everyone else says he's a actor What would you choose?
  10. Nintendo+Will Smith Fanboys... Man I thought I was the only one, but after that New Super Mario Bros. Thread, I reconsidered. Who of ya'll are excited about the Wii?
  11. DS LITe, I got mine, for all you that don't have one, go out and get one... Hopefully you'll find 1 DS lite in a pile beside a mountain of unbought PSP's. HAHAHAH PSP what a joke... its a freaking movie player not a portable video game device
  12. nice eh, but i dunno why they editted the part where he says don't download the record... they added in don't buy the record/download the record
  13. When did anyone know that the Album Lost and Found was coming out... this may give us a clear indication of When Will Smith will make a new album.
  14. alright dude make the next date for when to start it
  15. HOLY CRADDD... THIS MIGHT JUST MAKE ME cut coming to the stage down a notch.... THE CHOSEN ONEEE!!!! THATS HOTTTT
  16. i'll change my name to Hero1, thank you... haha i kid i kid...
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