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  1. Will Smith and DMX in a MOVIE in the HOOD and They break out with a rap song for the soundtrack HOW HOT WOULD THAT BE
  2. I am just asking, how many songs do you think Will has in his back pocket waiting to be released. I am sure he has tons... Just this Tell Me Why was recored years ago and only released now... I bet Will could just release an Album with all the extra cutting floor rap songs he has... Overbrook should release them somehow... Anyone think they could get it done? By the way... this FORUM has gotten very quiet... We need more people to stir up controversy...!!!
  3. probably Men In Black or Gettin' Jiggy wit it... none of my friends know what Summertime is
  4. What if Will said in a statement he'll be retiring from the Music Industry... Which Big Will Song will go down in history as being Associated with Him. Gettin' Jiggy wit it Summertime Men In Black Switch
  5. Well Will could take a page out of Eminem and Kanye and Bash Bush . "Tell me Why" did Pres. Bush leave Katrina victims in the rain and Why does the industry think i wasn't born to reign... haha nice line eh?
  6. Do you think will decided not to make the video because he is going to change it... I mean Katrina was happening when the video was suppose to come out. I think he might revisit it and and a verse or something to give it a fresher image than just from Sep11 What Ya'll think? Compilation Album... Here it Comes
  7. ..one swing... CRACK... you know when you hit something it breaks...
  8. you serious dude, Man I got Kel Spence on the phone when i called and I heard they[will] were recording a triple-A track that would bring a great influence in hip hop radio.
  9. Call Overbrook ask if will is working on the new album
  10. Which do ya'll think resembles old school JJFP from Big Wills solo albums I think If you can't dance and Pump ya breaks is soooo JJFP Since Pump ya breaks got story telling about girls (girls aint notin but trouble) and has cuttin during the chorus.
  11. Who are the top 5 Positive rappers in recent memory? Is Will Smith the best Hip Hop's got?
  12. I would definitely like to see that. Probably something from Kanye too. It would be hot if he did something on the soundtrack for Pursuit or for Tonight He Comes. ya it'd be dope cuz he could make a track that reflects chasing his dreams to become a better rapper (inuendo, pursuit of happieness)
  13. He did the freestyle on the Will Smith Live in Concert DVD... But its not as edgy as the one posted in this forum
  14. why can't will put this freestyle into a good song? It would make a better single than switch, bcuz switch has the worst lyrics of Lost and Found I dunno about you people but that freestyle sounds so dedicated when its spit'ed by will, i just cringe at the possibility that it exists in a complete version with a dope chorus.
  15. If only Will had more of a Hip Hop crew to roll with. Jazzy Jeff is fine, but if he had a group of Hip Hop young talent to roll with like reuniting with Taty and Kel spencer at press events, he might gain more attention in the Music Scene. When people see him doin it himself, it seems like he's just trying to sell his name again in the music scene (b/c most people think hes only an actor).
  16. I agree to some extent, however, I think the beats is what attracts people. People my age 16-22 care more of the beat of the music then the content. My friend was like yeah i listen to Hip/Hop-rap for the beats, I dont care what they say. In the club what do you think will get played more Lost & Found (Track) or Hate it or Love it (any version).. They are both serious songs (depending who you talk to), but Hate it or Love it will definitely get the nod for the playback because of its hip beat. Mary J has also gone on record saying the beat is hott.. What do ya'll have to say about it? And btw there are probably more hiphop listeners that listen to the beat of the song then the lyrics. However, it is still up in the air on who you should cater to if you are an artist trying to sell albums.
  17. Anyone think that Will Smiths comments are just in contrast to the ratio of movies to albums. We already know he is working on an album, so everyone just cool your jets. Also, note that would everyone want another Big Willie every 12 months about how he gets no respect in the rap game? I dont think so. Otherwise he'd be a washed up rapper like how 50 raps about bullets, Eminem with parental/marital troubles. Settle down Will has a Huge recording studio in his massive mobile movie bus. Will will record songs even when hes making music!!!!!
  18. anyone know if someone can grab the Lost and Found Acapella and mix it with something fresh, other than violins... or will that go against the interpretation of the songs lyrics?
  19. However, What do you think would happen if Will had his music composed by Dr. Dre? Even if you hate Shady/Aftermath/G-Uint Records Instrumentals from: In Da Club, Outtal Control (Remix), Encore/Curtains down, Hate it or Love it, and Just a Lil bit, Popin' those things are amazing anyone know if these are heavily sampled... Also Will Smith Plays these beats during his performances, so it shouldn't matter if they are from gangsta music, because he wants to be a rapper people can jam to, "Rap was about rocking the party, not about how many people you can kill." He should try to collab with producers that can make that music for his songs.
  20. the second one is kinda more right .... So Does he have to ask permission of Sony to sing one of his songs?
  21. Does Will or Overbook own the rights to all Big Wills Solo Songs? Or are they split with Interscope and Columbia
  22. could one of those tracks be coming to the stage... bcuz it includes a line "Spreadin the Mike Lowry all over the track"
  23. I think there was a rumor that Will Smith was going to rap on that song, but he was kicked out of production... Any truth to this.
  24. dkny2kx


    What do you think Will contributed to this New Movie? That main guy looks a lot like T.I. , any thoughts? Will should have a cameo in the movie
  25. I hope Will has at least 5 songs in which he is rapping, and then the rest have a mix of other people. This would be cool cause there will be more promotional advertise through a lot of people and word will get out and it will sell 8x platinum! DOPE!
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