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  1. i'd be willing to help but i dont know if you put me in with the calibur of members you got up there..its up to you, but tell me the proper details cuz i dont really understand what your saying
  2. welcome to the forum Ericky!! just stick around and have a good time, everyones here to help!!! oh yeah and bob, sometimes you can find the best of things on ebay if you make sure its right firstly, this is what my experience tells me...
  3. hey dparrot could you up them LL joints...though i dont have the remix to big ole butt only the original
  4. awsome movie man it definetely took me back!! to when i used to watch the cartoon! seriously recommended
  5. thanks man ill probably cop that greatest hits dvd that came out in 2003, as i got the album
  6. thanks for the info AJ, im a r.kelly fan as well but didn't know about this release....you know if its out in the UK? or any other r.kelly dvds there are out there that you think is worth my investment?
  7. ...well lets hope this is a mixtape track to get people hyped up, and AJ do you think we will see another album after this 1, hopefully 'exit 13' means leaving def jam and not the rap game............
  8. hey Aj i dont think this is off his new album but an upcoming mixtape, and i do think the way he layed his verses out waz cool but the production couldve been better...and i didnt even realize 50 was on this!!!!lol!!!!
  9. hey everybody check this out...dont know how many people here like GMF & FF but check out this freestyle on rapcity 12 march 2007!! p.s oh and has anybody heard melle mel's new album...is it any good? (i think its called muscles lol) GMF & FF Freestyle
  10. as far as im concerned there is no argument as to which JJFP site is the best!!
  11. yeah dude definitely its kinda rare though look on ebay!!
  12. its www.mvtorrents.com, and you shouldnt need a link password to megaupload links...cool
  13. i know where your coming from on this one analogue, i saw this a lot at college with my friends, and the dudes they were seeing were jerks and acted all tough because they had a gang, and once i confronted someone by themselves they were like oh no it wasn't me. but i have to say at uni it's a lot better and the girls go for the nice nice guys like me and you more often than not..lol :hail: :wiggle:
  14. thanks guys....and viber dont worry i havent got much money atm as im at uni and just bought 3 other singles from ebay, so you'll probably get it....man i wish i had some more money right now haha
  15. hey guys, do you think this real as in official, its a rock the house cd but from the picture the cover looks fake but its too small so i cant tell rock the house cd
  16. god i love this video! congrats again jonny!!
  17. ive always liked the remixed song but never heard the original.
  18. thanks fresh!!!!! it was better than i expected!
  19. looks brilliant! cant wait to hear brand new funk 2k7!!!
  20. if you dont mind fresh, is it the youtube one?.... if you don't mind uploading it that is....thanks
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