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  1. There's some okay tracks on this, but i agree with both of you^^ although you can't blind hate the dude, he made it to the top, so big congrats to him........... :thumbsup:
  2. HAppy b-day cookies (even though it's late) hope you had a good 19th!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes!!! means a lot :party: :party: i have been real busy lately with my university exams falling over this period and i've had a really busy start to 2008 i can tell you that, also something very tragic happened in my family not too long ago and were all trying to recover from it......but life goes on....... :worried: :worried: Anyway thanks and i have more time on my hands now so i will be around much more!!
  4. Hey guys this is the new mixtape from LL, i gotta say when i first heard it i was impressed!! much more of a return to the 2000 LL I also listened all the way through without skipping so things are lookin promising for Exit 13!! Oh and i wasn't sure if i could post it up or not, so let me know if anybody needs a hookup (or if i can post it) 01. DJ Kay Slay & LL Cool J - Intro 02. LL Cool J - Hi Haterz 03. LL Cool J - Who Want It With The G.O.A.T. 04. LL Cool J - Zodiac Drilla 05. LL Cool J - 5 Boroughs (feat. Jim Jones, Method Man, KRS-One, & Uncle Murda) 06. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Sheek Louch) 07. LL Cool J - Laptop Gangstaz 08. LL Cool J - You Live & You Learn (feat. Papoose) 09. LL Cool J - I Cry (feat. Lil' Mo) 10. LL Cool J - New York Gangstaz 11. LL Cool J - Sidewalk Executives 12. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Grafh) 13. LL Cool J - The Truth (Throwback) 14. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Nicolette) 15. LL Cool J - Clap N Revolve 16. LL Cool J - Paper (feat. Jiz & Lyrikal) 17. LL Cool J - Rock Da Pole 18. DJ Kay Slay & LL Cool J - Outro Let me me know what you think...........
  5. This really does remind me of the Mr. Smith era, REALLY good song!! now all we need are some harder tracks like off the G.O.A.T album, then Exit 13 will shape up pretty nicely p.s IM BACK!!
  6. Can't wait for LL's new album!! August 5th p.s whats up people!!
  7. thanks for the miami, gettin jiggy wit it performances form 100th thommey!!!!!
  8. julie im gonna go out on a stretch and say pole dancing is a lie? hahahaha
  9. thanks man ill check it out :interesting:
  10. sorry schnazz i neeeeeeed the money!! :protest: :sipread: :sipread: :mrt2: :mrt2:
  11. hey brakes how much did you get it for and from where? just that i was thinking of going
  12. You're right there Turntable :respect: :iagree:
  13. well i dont know how anybody thinks jay-z is wack but for the record anybody who likes mims has to dissapear off the face of the earth NOW lol
  14. oh right i didnt know...thats cool
  15. hey maxfly i see you've chosen to ignore my request.... haha now its on!!!!!!!!! (please dont attack me :nolachen: lol)
  16. hey DEF how did your exam go? i'm in my first year of studying business studies at uni, about to take my summer exams as well!!
  17. Yeah Peaceangel, exactly as tim said you have to know yourself that you can do it, and try not to take notice of people around you that are getting you down....and don't ever let anyone tell you you cant do something, as long as you believe in it, you can do anything you want to. I don't know if this helps you, but when i'm doing a lot of projects and essays, just try not to panic, thats the worst thing that you can do, and just take a breather, i have to remind myself of this as i have my business studies exams coming up! peaceout!
  18. happy birthday!! hope you had a good time.... even though its a bit late....lol
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