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  1. now i'll admit that i think biggie is slightly overrated although i always admired his talent but it's just the point that there's other great mcs from the 90s that're alive that deserve recognition, i was listening to a birthday mix last night for him on sirius xm fly so i figured i'd share my favorite album from him "life after death", rest in peace... Now one of the rappers still alive that should be given more credit is Busta Rhymes who had a birthday yesterday, I listened to "The Big Bang" album yesterday, 2006 was truely one of the last great years for hip hop: Now today's a birthday of a living legend of r&b who also influenced a lot of the real hip hop artists as well Ron Isley AKA Mr. Bigg, I love this album "Body Kiss" Isley Brothers did produced by R Kelly released during my senior year of high school the spring of 2003, another great time period of music! I'm gonna pop this CD in today...
  3. Now speaking of LL, 10 years ago back in 2006 he put out one of his most underrated albums but probably one of the most mature hip hop albums in "Todd Smith", I played some songs off of it today:
  4. I was listening to Run Dmc's Raising Hell last night when watching the Raptors-Cavs game: I recently got the James Brown Get On Up blu ray so I've been playing more of his tunes lately: Now I didn't like LL Cool J's 10 album as much as GOAT when it first came out but over time it has really grown on me to be one of my favorites of all time, it shoulda sold 10 million copies like other popular albums of 2003 did, I had a lil hard time going to sleep at first last night so I popped this CD in:
  5. Puff Daddy & The Family It's All About The Benjamins from the Today Show on NBC this morning!
  6. wow this thread is bringing back some life to the jjfp board! some peeps that i haven't seen post in awhile, this is a great feeling...to keep the convo going some interesting albums you all been playing, i was playing NWA's Straight Outta Compton yesterday: Now Turntable made an interesting post about The Roots Long Time song with Peedi Peedi(formerly of Roc-A-Fella) from the Game Theory album, it's been on my mind, probably gonna play the album today later on, that's a slept on classic from a classic group:
  7. turntable's list is new school, i'm gonna look up some of those albums and abdul's is old school albums i haven't heard in awhile, thanks for sharing!
  8. word will'd kill a dre beat with his flow! yeah that's dope... Jason Derulo Want To Want Me
  9. thanks for checking out the list man, feel free to post some albums too, i'm curious to know what everyone's been playing
  10. I decided to start a new thread that's a lil' bit different from the what are you listening thread to get some more fresh convo on music that we're playing, if the album is available on youtube post the link to it here, it'll be useful in getting something fresh going... Here I go with no further ado, check out my playlist: #1 Ice Cube's Greatest Hits: #2 2Pac's Greatest Hits: #3-Prince Greatest Hits: #4-Wu Tang Clan Enter The 36 Chambers #5-Will Smith Big Willie Style
  11. word that is kinda sad for real, if i had the extra cash i'd get those 'cause those are treasures right there!
  12. there's still a glimmer of hope after all for JJFP!
  13. will's better at singing than other rappers like drake and nelly are haha!, thanks for the share!
  14. i usually don't listen to a lot of gospel rap either besides BB Jay and that Spiritual Minded album by KRS One but Lecrae is as true as they come, check this out: https://youtu.be/Wf1OeAkxkS4
  15. i've been saying it over and over, will needs to pull a beyonce and drop a surprise album online for the real fans, i know that he had to do enough material in the 10+ years since lost and found by now
  16. rappers like Nas, Jay, 50, and Common definately put out solid albums in the 2000s and might have some sentimental reasons for me since I graduated high school in 2003 but I still consider hip hop from the 1980s and 1990s the golden era, now the favorite albums of mine in the last 5 years are from legends like LL Cool J(Authentic), Public Enemy(Most of my heroes still don't appear on no stamp), KRS One(the bdp album), Nas (Life Is Good), Dr. Dre(Compton), and DMX(Undisputed), i also like that Busta/QTip mixtape,I'd rank most of those albums from the legends better than Kendrick Lamar and what anyone has put out recently, although I think Game put out a solid album in 2011 in RED album and the Documentary 2 was solid in 2015 as well, he's a modern day 2000s legend to me but on the most part these new rappers can't carry the torch as Busta would say....
  17. overall it's a good article but i didn't like how it said that nobody cared about lost & found, not many rappers go platinum worldwide on their 9th album
  18. i found another list that sparks convo of millenium hip hop and showing some classics in recent years, although i disagree with k lamar's album being no 1, it's about top 50: http://hiphopgoldenage.com/list/best-hip-hop-albums-millennium-2000-2015/
  19. this came in over an hour ago but i'm in shock, life is precious, too many legends we're losing, i just pray will and jeff stay around long enough to do this reunion...
  20. welcome back AJ, it does feel weird saying that 'cause you're one of the regulars but i could feel what you're saying man, i could relate to going through the motions waiting for something to break through, i haven't been posting that much here lately either but for the most part things are looking up considering how it could've been going through some of the recent ups and downs myself...i'm trying to bring some breakthroughs in my life as well 'cause i know time's not standing still but i'm saying the serenity prayer and going one day at a time and i know things will work out in due season...i'm finishing up my course of computer programming i've been taking for over two years through an online college i previously did 2 years from 2010-2012 so this will be my bachelor's degree i'll be obtaining so it's quite a step up to say the least...it was kinda ironic of phife dawg's passing 'cause i've been listening to more of that native tongues stuff from the late 80s/early 90s lately, plus smooth jazz, and classic soul vibes, now i really hope something resurges out of the memory of the classics made from the legends we lost because these times are urgent..now i know AJ you'd dig the new song that ice cube and common put out for the new barbershop movie, it really shows how full circle they've both grown after their feud from back in the days, more rappers should take that example, i'd like to see ll cool j and ice t fully squash their beef and do a song and movie together too...now when i get a new laptop computer by the summer y'all will be hearing new recordings from me but for now check out my "gm3485 starting over album" from last january of 2015...now lately i've been doing a lot of soul searching, meditating over bible verses, reading this joel osteen book "become a better you" and a dr. charles stanley devotional "10 principles for studying your bible" which have laid down a stronger foundation for lyrics i've been writing for the future projects i wanna be working on, i'm staying on that uplifted tip...btw AJ i think we could turn this thread into a way for us to check in on each other and try to keep this real bond going as the extended family that i've known JJFP.com to be over the years, let's hold onto the memories with hopes of the best to come!...
  21. the average JJFP fan that bought Will's best albums back in the days probably hardly goes online these days compared to the average ADD teen that listens to Rihanna and lives online all the time so it's hard to compare the two, it's a generation gap but Will could still have more success compared to most artists from his era
  22. at the time of the song being released he should've put out a mixtape on youtube of some of the music he's been working on to get more of a buzz going but instead of doing that he promoted concussion and signs up for more movies, really his priorities aren't in the right place
  23. will needs to release a proper hip hop single with jeff to make a true comeback, i simply don't think that song was good enough quite frankly and the fact that it has more views than a lot of the best quality JJFP tracks shows you the state of music as well
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