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  1. i don't know if i'd call a video 8 million views a flop but by will's standards it might be but most hip hop artists these days especially those from his era would kill to have 8 million views for their songs today
  2. that's what's up i'll check it out as soon as i can!
  3. thanks for updating us, the m3 and JJFP tour are what hip hop needs right now!
  4. hey mike thanks for the words of encouragement, i make sure play songs like "the rain" and "shadow dreams" to encourage myself in the dark times as well, btw i haven't updated my profile in years, don't live in seaside no more, i had to move to from the house me and my parents rented in seaside after sandy, that was another hurdle i had to get over in the last 10+ years since lost and found, i made a song in dedication to sandy victims called "overcoming the storm":
  5. welcome back! nice to see an old JJFP.com fam member come back on here, i've been staying on here almost everyday holding my breath for some more JJFP while at the same time I'm still doing my thing with my music(in case all you don't know i did an album on youtube last year search: "gm3485 starting over album") and I'm taking an online college course which I'll be graduating later in the spring, looking to do some work online with that, other than that there's been ups and downs in life with my father being in the nursing home for over 4 years now with his dementia and i'm helping my mom recover from breaking her leg a couple months ago, following the march madness and the nba season hoping my bulls make a run towards playoffs along with the old school hip hop( still can't stand that commercial crap, especially that young money, drake, lil' wayne garbage) has kept me going overall, also building up my spirituality, i recently bought this book by joel osteen called "become a better you" and i received a book in the mail as a gift from in touch ministries called "the spirit filled life" by dr. charles stanley, there's a lot on my plate but i'm staying strong...btw, yesterday was the 29th anniversary of JJFP's "Rock The House" and 11th anniversary of Will's "lost and found", i really hope and pray they find a way to get something new done before it's too late, hearing about true artists like heavy d, michael jackson, and phife dawg passing away so young really wakes me up about life and makes me appreciate each day as well and seeing what my parents been going through hits home to me because you never know...
  6. In memory of Phife Dawg who's on one of the illest collabs in "Scenerio" I came up with a list that I know we'd all appreciate, enjoy, happy easter 2016!
  7. I wanted to send a happy easter wish out to my extended family, JJFP and real hip hop music. forever!
  8. wow i didn't see this one coming, a tribe called quest was always one of my favorite artists in hip hop, music in general, phife dawg will be missed, rest in peace!
  9. on another note this website made a top 100 90s list and there's no JJFP or WS albums on it, i could see if they leave off albums like code red and willennium but big willie style was a groundbreaking 10 million album seller and homebase featured one of the biggest anthems of all time in summertime and sold 3 million copies as well but then again with will not believing in his rap career anymore it's even harder for us fans to defend him, btw these lists of the 80s and 90s show how great era of music hip hop had with so much variety: http://hiphopgoldenage.com/list/top-100-hip-hop-albums-of-the-1990s/
  10. http://theboombox.com/ll-cool-j-shares-details-about-his-upcoming-eminem-collaboration/
  11. ll cool j announced on twitter yesterday that he's offically coming out of retirement to make another album, maybe he needs to have a heart to heart talk with will about music...
  12. LL said on twitter that he's officially coming back with a new album! http://www.okayplayer.com/news/the-okayplayer-ll-cool-j-interview.html
  13. it's such a shame that will takes his hip hop career for granted, he doesn't realise how many people appreciate his career and want to see him keep going
  14. after all this time LL posted a video of his freestyle with Dre on his facebook page, HIP HOP IS ALIVE, take notes young money camp on how real music is done!
  15. http://hiphopgoldenage.com/list/top-100-hip-hop-albums-of-the-1980s/
  16. bigted


    i guess we could say goodbye to a world tour, album, and bad boys 3 in '16
  17. will's human just like anybody else, i think he has a right to show his different emotions, he might have to go mike lowry on chris rock's ass
  18. will shouldn't worry so much about a damn oscar, there's so many good actors that never won one so f the oscars, everybody knows that he's a better actor than chris rock and jamie foxx too btw they're just jealous of his career
  19. LRG and Complex present DJ Jazzy Jeff Life Colors mixtape
  20. It was an entertaining show, one of the best I've seen recently, I'd like to have seen Dr. Dre win best rap album of the year though or at least perform with Kendrick who I think has a bright future in the game, Run-Dmc won lifetime achievement, maybe JJFP's gonna be there next year to accept their lifetime achievement award, wishful thinking I know haha, so did anyone here watch it last night? http://abc7ny.com/entertainment/see-who-won-at-the-2016-grammy-awards/1201939/
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