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  1. one of my favorite nba players of all time has called it a career, he was a staple for my JJFP.com yahoo fantasy basketball teams for many years, thanks for the memories KG AKA Big Ticket
  2. thanks for the prayers AJ,at the moment my father is starting to make progress for the better, he's more alert today, he's breathing better,and he's keeping down his milkshake he had earlier, i'm staying strong for the fam
  3. hey JJFP peeps out there, my extended family, I'd appreciate it if y'all keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers 'cause my father's dementa is declining and the doctor's are saying he might not have much time left, as always one love, i'll be playing just the two of us before i go to sleep tonight
  4. de la's music has always sounded different from everyone else, that's what makes them so greatly respected by so many different people for so long
  5. quality of music has nothing to do with popularity these days, will's fiesta video with bomba estereo has more views than a lot of the classic JJFP songs including the groundbreaking Parents Just Don't Understand and Brand New Funk and i'm not really such a fan of fiesta like that, i do think caution in the wild is a way better song, still better than anything lil wayne has done but that's besides the point, the reason why it's not having success is cause will has seemed to not take his music career seriously anymore, he's too busy promoting subpar films like this suicide squad, i'm really dissapointed...
  6. i wouldn't put this movie in will's top 5 or probably even top 10 best films he's ever done btw
  7. too bad will doesn't know how to promote his music career too well these days
  8. this song only has 1200 views while lil wayne's song that has a video on the soundtrack has over 100 million views, people sure do have crappy taste in music
  9. it's in my top 5 hip hop albums since 2005 already, I haven't played an album like this in awhile, btw here are my 5 favorites since then to give y'all an idea: Will Smith "Lost and Found" LL Cool J "Exit 13" De La Soul :,,and The Anonomyus Nobody" Common "BE" KRS One and Marley Marl "Hip Hop Lives" Honorable Mentions: Public Enemy "Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamps", LL Cool J "Authentic", Nas "Hip Hop Is Dead"
  10. it's nice to see artists coming together like this in these trying times, we need more unity, powerful message, i was feeling game's verse on here, ll cool j should've had a verse too, and if anyone noticed will smith's son jaden is on the song, it'd been better if will was on it but i guess beggers can't be choosers...
  11. that was an inciteful article on aaliyah's impact, can't believe she's been passed 15 years, just imagine how music would sound like if she was still on the scene
  12. i noticed that somebody posted "code red" recently this summer now i noticed on the big willie style album post somebody said that it was his best solo album hands down and willennium was his worst, that person probably thinks that eminem's the greatest rapper haha, somebody should post willennium and lost and found to get some more buzz going...
  13. album dropped today, i been playing it on youtube, de la dropping fire as usual, i will definately get the CD, REAL MUSIC IS BACK!
  14. nice to see you back doing music again, yeah i took some breaks in between too but i'm working on more songs lately myself, it's like riding a bike though once you get back at it you're in rhthym in no time
  15. well with more peeps coming back to the board with the success of suicide squad, the release of will's new track/app, and jeff's summertime 7 mixtape i'm BUMPING this thread to catch up more, keep it moving....
  16. i've checked out his soundcloud page for the first time in awhile after reading a comment he made on twitter saying he's been doing a ton of recording lately and i see some new tracks on there, 21 total there, now the latest "no beefs" from last month is quite impressive, give credit to the man for not giving up, hope he gets some more credit while he's alive still, like treach said once "does a mfer gotta die to get airplay?":
  17. 86 views??? now no offense this ain't somebody like kel spencer or dayne jordan we're talking about here, hell even some of my songs have more views than that, this is a hip hop pioneer that's one of the more popular artists ever in the genre but that goes to show you that more than anything i think will's approach to release the song is backwards, he needs to open a twitter account ASAP and hire a better promotional team when it comes to his music
  18. those 4 bars he spit on this song go in harder than anything lil wayne, rick ross, or drake have ever spit in their entire career, big will is BACK, WAY better than fiesta, i will be bumping this reguarly, i can officially eat my words, keep em coming, knock out all the fake rappers like them!
  19. i'm DYING to hear this song y'all, i've been waiting over 10 years, hook a brother up with an mp3! btw with the success of suicide squad and the release of a song i guess we're eating our words, apparanatly will still has a career after all...
  20. damn i'm one of the rare people in the world without a smartphone so i can't hear it yet, but the fact that will is releasing new music after saying how dissapointed we were in him last week is a miracle!
  21. will should at least did a song for the soundtrack, even wild wild west had a song which set up the release of willennium, i was hoping something like this for suicide squad but i guess that's too much to ask for right?
  22. thanks for sharing AJ, this is what will should do, work with credible artists like stephen marley when making a comeback instead of working with subpar unknown talent in bomba estereo like he did
  23. yeah music doesn't really pay the bills anymore, true artists do music for the love of it, how much money does will need isn't he rich enough already? he's looking out of touch right now to what really matters i hate to say, i say will at least owes the true fans like us that stuck around an autographed album or something, at least open up a twitter account and interact with us, that's why at this point i respect those like chuck d more than him...
  24. i wish will would be more like one of my other favorite mcs krs one who released at least 10 albums over the last 15 years despite the fact that none of them went gold which is a shame since they're great music but he don't care cause he's keeping it real, like he once said: "mcs are just hopeless/thinking record sales make them the dopest", if that's the case then real hip hop heads are idiots for listening to those like krs one and chuck d and should listen to the popular lil' wayne and drake instead
  25. wow what a bold statement coming from the creater of the JJFP.com board but it is true though, his movie career is washed up at this point and i think he has a more realistic shot at another grammy than he does an oscar, i can't really defend him like i used to anymore, it's sad how he's abandoned his true fans...
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