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  1. I said Lil Wayne was better than LL currently,But overall LL is allott better than Lil Wayne.
  2. LL is a overall better rapper then Lil Wayne!But that has to be 1 of the worst statements i've ever heard!(Bigted)
  3. ***Dies of laughter*** I guess Mr.Nice Guy>>Lil Waynes whole career...(Yeah right)
  4. Todd Smith should've had 3-5 extra rap tracks!He might have to release Todd Smith to make that album go platimum... Listen to his mixtapes,His intros&Outtros
  5. In my opinion 2006 has a lot good albums.. Like T.I - King.. and Lil Wayne - The Carter 2.. Maybe Wayne album came out in 2005 i dont exactly remember that.. But Todd Smith is not one of the only good albums this year.. You people should check out Camron - Killa Cam.. Great songs in it.. not that great album but a few great songs. Yeah it came out in mid december i picked it up for a personal christmas gift...
  6. Maybe Will, but I doubt LL does`s that. Actualy even his contract is for 8 more Albums as far as I know,lol WWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW He won't be retireing any time soon then...
  7. Very true Will is going on 40 years old!To tell the truth LL&Will have had their time to shine...(I hate to say that)
  8. The collabos are good!But LL could've made a much better album!
  9. Todd Smith is 1 of the worst rap cd's i've heard in a long time :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ...And if will came out with another album like Big Willie Style and promoted it right.It would sell!(Maybe).And besides most casual music listeners could care less about Real Music!Bigted you praise todd smith like the album should've went platinum...Maybe LL will retire or try harder!If a album ain't top 10,pop,catchy,played out then peaple ain't gonna buy it!
  10. Yeah that's true that Will gets more recognition as an actor than LL does but LL gets more recognition as a rapper than Will does, whenever there's all time rapper lists he's always ranked higher than Will, I think LL could put down the mic for a couple years and focus on his films to get higher face value on his films if he wanted to, in fact he signed a 9 film deal so he might be trying to get more serious as an actor, I don't think he has much to prove as a rapper anymore, while Will should stop doing films for a few years and drop some albums with Jazzy to get his hip-hop rating up, I think they're both great entertainers that'll be around as long as they want to be... Amen
  11. Theres other artists out there to fill that void!
  12. Not sure that Will would be happy about that. :bat: :hmm: :rofl: :stickpoke: :hmm: :word: :rockon:
  13. I'm listening to it now! I like the beats,Not as good as his older stuff!,Only 10 tracks...
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