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  1. Hm, Ludacris Produced a Track? :what: Which (of his own) Songs did Luda Produce by himself? His Hit-Singles were almost all made by great Producers like Timbaland, Kanye West, and The Neptunes! I don't know if he's a great producer, too but Will has been in the game for a very long time. And he knows how good music sounds like. Does he still knows what good music is? I mean, he spent a lot of time for that LP. We'll see. I'm not disapointed with the amount of the Songs, as long as these Tracks are Will-Classics! I hope Will is not lying to us. If he knows that this Album is garbage, he shouldn't say things like we gon' be surprised and there's some really hot stuff on that album. But Will is good person, and i trust him :thumb:!
  2. 30 million is a lot. but let Lost and Found come eou and you'll se these number growing a lot more. I agree :dj:
  3. I know that "Big Willie Style" was certified 9x Platinum. "Willennium" was certified 2x Platinum, and "Born To Reign" Gold. But how many records did each Album sell (Worldwide & in the USA)?
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