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  1. It also jumped from #36 to #28 in the Rock On The Net Charts! In its second week! http://www.rockonthenet.com/archive/2005/03-05.htm
  2. Many boards start to love will! http://www.lushforums.com/ftopic22903-0-asc-15.html
  3. But what about Timbaland and Kanye West. Didn't they produced any Tracks?
  4. Amazon.com Sales Rank in Music: Will Smith, Lost And Found - #9,465 It's risin and risin!
  5. Wow, amazing! Well, Ludacris ain't a bad producer :werd: ! I can't believe that he produced 'Party Starter', i really can't believe it! And 'Pump Ya Brakes', ooooohhhhwweeeeee! :dj: Another Club banger.
  6. We don't know how dope the record is. But rappers like Snoop Dogg, The Game and even Lil Jon are selling records! They all went Platinum! And i still can't believe that Game sold more than 500,000 copies in its first week! How We Do is not that great, so why is he selling so many records? It's the hype! They were talking about a Westcoast-resurrection, before his album came out. They even ment said that it's a Rap-Classic! I have this Album, all i can do is :hilarious: . It's great, but he talks about a lot of things that we all know. So i think Will can beat The Game's Album. But the sales :what: ! Wills probably not gangsta enough for the Rap-fans! Or he is to good for gangsta :thumb: !
  7. Will is on Promotion-Tour right now. Everybody knows that he's got a new Movie and a new Album. The Cinemas love Will, but what about the CD-Players? I think the success of "Lost And Found" will be bigger than "Born To Reign"! I guess it will sell over 3 Million times in the USA. And Worldwide about 7 Million. People are talkin' about that "Mr. Nice Guy" Song. Will is hyping his Album very Well. "Born To Reign" had Promotion. Many people thought "Black Suits Comin'" was just recorded for "Men In Black II", they didn't even know about the Album.
  8. I think Lost and Found will be leaked 1-2 Weeks before it'´s out
  9. And this is a fan? Sounds like you quick to lose hope Just because will did great albums in the past, it doesn't have to say that he does it again. A lot of Big artists disapointed me! I remember 2001, when Michael Jackson was releasing his "best album since thriller" Invincible! It's a very good Album, but i was disapointed. I expected more, because he took a lot of time working on that Album! 50 is hyping his album like "this is the best album ever". I heard "The Massacre", all i can say is: did he really spend one year and a half to write and produce this record? Doesn't sounds like! This happens to many artists. So, i hope that "Lost & Found" won't be like all them hyped things! I never said that "Lost & Found" won't be hot. I didn't hear it :kool:
  10. Will is Number One :dj: . Hahaaa, Hahaaa!
  11. Switch will be Number one next week!
  12. http://rapidshare.de/files-en/655891/will....dass.2.avi.html http://rapidshare.de/files-en/657597/will....dass.3.avi.html http://rapidshare.de/files/658412/will.smi...dass.4.avi.html http://rapidshare.de/files/659178/will.smi...dass.5.avi.html http://rapidshare.de/files/659670/will.smi...dass.6.avi.html :touche: Yo thanks man :thumb:
  13. He's a good Producer. He produced the Fall Again (Demo) with Michael Jackson! Very good!
  14. It was great, wasn't it!? I don't understand why they didn't talk about Will's new Album. That was the perfect opportunity to promote "Lost And Found" and "Switch". Wetten Dass...? is the biggest TV Show of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Or they could play Switch, when they were dancing with Thomas! Will, Will, Will...
  15. I will! But i think you'll get to see it monday or tuesday.
  16. I Just saw it live on TV. Man that was great. I'm from Germany, i could watch Wetten dass...?:switch: . It was very funny. Will and Kevin were very funny. The audience liked them. They also liked Eva, you know what i mean:grin:. ZDF will repeat it tomorow. I can record it and then upload it for ya'll. I don't wanna say to much, you gotta see it. It will knock you out! :guru:
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