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  1. my favourite joke is when someone asks ashley's stupid boyfriend if he is hungry and he answers: "sometimes"
  2. link doesn't work and i write this in small letters;)
  3. Couple of pics taken during my prom trip (or how do you call it dunno)
  4. wow it does sounds like partners:D tnx everybody
  5. thats from pretty much all of his movies check this one: "i'll be back to get my blender"
  6. What's the difference between Summertime and Summertime(1991)?
  7. i really like this song from album willenium and i was wondering what "potnas" means
  8. the one on the left has the biggest beerbelly in slovenia, the one in the middle is dead drunk, and the one on the right is me
  9. does anyone knows the name of the song that is playing while will and jazz are driving in a car (i think they're going to see colleges or sth) and they are nodding their heads?
  10. wow i didn't know he was a 'famous' dancer when he was so young
  11. Has there been any news if they will play on Live earth this summer, which is kind a like Live 8?
  12. the one when will and jazz are in the living room and uncle phil yells that he's going down for a snack Jazz: "i thought your uncle was asleep" Will: "he must have had his reocuring nightmare when he misses a meal"
  13. does anyone know the song that is playing in the first episode of season 3 when will comes back from philly and then geofrey saids that he doesnt know whether to duck under the table or do the running man
  14. at first i didnt like summertime at all (and it is supposed to be their best song), but now its one of my favourites:)
  15. it looks like drink&drive is very popular among celebrities in america lately...
  16. Eyeceeou ft. Mighty-O & 6pack Čukur - Pi
  17. liverpool played better, but milan had inzaghi;) the first goal was completely in his style
  18. wikipedia itself is not bad it just that some people who edit it dont know what they're doing :shakehead:
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