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  1. I put all clips together. It is kinda choppy. http://rapidshare.de/files/1294441/Will_Sm...d_Show.mp3.html
  2. I want to see Switch Live @ Leno
  3. I really don't one favorite scratch but I will list one of my favs scratches.(not in order) Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Pump It Up Pump Up The Bass Pump Your Brakes
  4. I found this video clip with Slick Rick freestyle. I just want to share it with the people. http://rapidshare.de/files/1271921/rahz1.mp2.html
  5. Nice wallpaper but you got lot of Will Smith Solo album picture. Where the Jazzy Jeff Magnificent solo album? The Wallpaper is nice though
  6. In my opinion, you are wrong. "Trap On The Dance Floor" is one of best tracks on that LP. I think the weakest LP from FP is And In This Corner...
  7. do anybody know who's going to be on it?
  8. Jay-Z Talib Kweli Fabolous Fresh Prince Nas Thats mine. Not in order.
  9. Thanks for the vid. Is there a video "The Things That U Do"?
  10. thanks for track but do anybody have the rest of it?
  11. My Top 4 1. Here He Comes 2. Tell Me Why 3. Party Starter 4. Swagga
  12. Did anybody who bought Lost and Found got that Switch Reggae Remix track?
  13. Do you have "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" music video?
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