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  1. maybe he does perform, and maybe is tell me why!, I would become crazy if he does!
  2. Yeah Jay is coool with will,. so theres no dissing there.
  3. When are the Grammys so that i dont miss will presenting?
  4. I found this web site, I dont know if all the things that are posted there about Will Smith and the other celebrities are true, but its quite interesting so take a look and tell me what do yall think about it. http://www.topsynergy.com/famous/Will_Smith.asp Thats the link to the site, go and check it out.
  5. Yes, i wish he makes a romantic comedy too, cause thats one of his strongest sides
  6. I just dont want him to retire. It shows that this is just a business.
  7. Enemy of the state, he was seriuos and funny at the same time, like a real human being and not portraiting anyone and not being a gay hustler.
  8. Now let us pray for him to win it and complete the journey, i really want him to rap again.
  9. I really though that Will was gonna win this thing, i was actually pretty sure because it was the hell of a role he played, but well, we still have the oscars ahead and i believe in miracles, do u?
  10. Just found this video in you tube, its pretty nice, you can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esNk-fbfqa0
  11. I wish he wins that award, but we are really after the oscar and its not gonna be easy. Either is gonna be the golden globes with Leo nominated two times in the same category
  12. Pretty nice, pretty nice.
  13. Its one of the greatest songs from them.
  14. The lyrics are incredible, the beats are not that good though.
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