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  1. He can have a remix with Jaden, if Jaden is going to rap like he used to on them freestyles.
  2. What is it with Chris Rock saying he won't speak about the slap until he gets payed? Has he sued for assault? Is he expecting a settlement? Is he joking?
  3. I really dont believe that there was racism involved on the ban decision.
  4. He definitely should go back to his roots
  5. I think the punishment is fine. I'm glad it happened sooner so people can just move on from this incident.
  6. Yes, now he can make some comedies like Hitch or something like that
  7. Wow that was too much lol
  8. I just read an article saying he has been admitted to a rehab center due to the stress of the whole situation. https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/celebrities/2022/04/06/624db4dbe2704e5ea68b458d.html
  9. I need to check this out definitely
  10. I still have people texting me to ask me what happened to Will, like I have a direct line to him and his thoughts just for being a fan. I have also been sent or tagged on every Meme or joke out there about the Slap.
  11. The media has definitely made this worse than it is. We gotta give this time.
  12. I hope they do it. I always enjoy the bad boys films. This may be the best one so far.
  13. He can still do movies and get nominated and even win. He just cannot make decisions or vote in anything related to the Academy
  14. Ohh shooot. But they are still going to go ahead with the disciplinary action. So this may not achieve a thing.
  15. Chris Rock was likely still in disbelief. He didn't know if it was a joke, if it was an attack, what was it about. Hahaha. I'm glad he took it like that
  16. The remix on the Jaden song and on that Joyner track were fire. He still got it. He just does not feel there will be a market for his music and he does not want to drop an album and see it not sell. But I agree. The energy he puts on uploading videos on youtube and Instagram, he can put on uploading some unreleased tracks online and watching for the response.
  17. People love you one day and turn on you the next. There are also many just waiting for you to fall to pounce on you like a tiger on a prey. I hope he is able to recover from all of this.
  18. I keep on introducing the real MC HAMMER music to a lot of people. It is sad that the majority did not get to know his best music and his lyrical talent.
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