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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to share my video with y'all where I'm performing together with my girlfriend live on stage at a festival here in germany. The song is our self written song and the performance was the first time ever for me on stage. So I hope you guys will like it! Here it is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cS_WI6S4Pc Have fun! ;)
  2. No, why should they? This is sooooo rare that they laugh or say something stupid. Most of the people I've seen and talked to about Will were talking positive about him.
  3. Nice one, thank you! Finally he's being accepted as one of the best hiphop artists out there!
  4. The very first one is the best! (Will comin' to Bel-Air) After this I have many! For example like the one episode where Will's dad comes back to him and leaves again after awhile. Or all the ones where Carlton is dancing like Michael Jackson. :D I also really love the serious episodes because I think this is really important. To put some serious and even sad episodes in a comedy because comedy is funny but it's not pointless, at least shouldn't be. Comedy series should be funny of course but should still have a point / a meaning on the other hand tho'!
  5. Hey Visqo! ;) I like the fact that always ur the one writing me here, when I come back! :D Lately I've been watching Fresh Prince on DVD again so it came on my mind to take a look what's goin' on in this forum here so I came. =)
  6. Oh my god, I have so many... Well, I think I have to take my all time favorite and number one episode - the very first one when Will arrives in Bel-Air! I think almost anything is funny here! :D
  7. Ur so right but I really don't believe that it will happen...unfortunately...! Yeah, damn! I never knew about this, either! I want that track, RIGHT NOW!!! :muahaha: Me too!! Other artists have their unreleased songs on internet and people at least get to hear them. Why can't we have his? :shakehead: I can agree! So sad... :never Maybe we have to ask Will or Mike? :lolsign:
  8. Dope song by Common. That was a nice reference to Will's I Am Legend movie. I'm looking forward to getting the album when it drops. Is it true that his new album will cost less than a buck ? If that's really true I'm getting at least 10. Hahahaha, there u have the perfect oppurtunity to keep some money and u wanna go out and buy 10! :rofl:
  9. I can agree u but it's always like that with really mad talented artists...they never get the respect they deserve!
  10. Yeah, damn! I never knew about this, either! I want that track, RIGHT NOW!!! :muahaha:
  11. :( http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/stlog/200...arack_obama.php Ah, bad news... Will has changed so much, I kinda don't really like him anymore... I do but it's just not like back then, I just don't like him the way I did before...! He has disappointed me a lil' with all of his movies and they're even not that great at all like his former movies...
  12. Nice thread! I'll go with Just Say Yo because when I first saw this episode I was very emotional and had to cry the most. The other ones are very emotional, too of course but it was just not the same when I first saw them!
  13. Ok, the singing and dancing parts may not be something for everyone but they CAN act, believe me this, they can act very well!!! ;-)
  14. There are soooo many of these movies...so some are really bad but the most of them is really good, they ain't that bad at all! :thumbsup:
  15. I'm quite happy bout that but not so happy, either! I really liked Iverson at Denver, he fitted so well into this team. But Denver were really bad at defense, that was why they never could go into the second round of the playoffs. Now the Detroit Pistons are really good, they are a really good team at offense but somehow I think that Iverson just doesn't really fit into the team! I dunno why but I'm feelin' like that, maybe time will proof me wrong! At least I hope so...!
  16. Well guys, I have to say that I'm really happy about Obama being the new president of the united states! =) I really do believe in him and I trust him, I believe he will make some changes!
  17. I wouldn't say that, not absolutely every movie is great! It's like sayin' 'You can't do wrong with a book by Stephen King' but there are a few books that are boring, aswell! ;) But of course I hope that this movie is gonna be great!
  18. Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/p...can-986848.html I've seen a couple Bollywood movies and not to be dismissive, but they were pretty bad. So, I'm not too keen on this. I've seen a few, too! And I have to say the ones that I've seen were pretty nice! Nothing what u would watch very often now but still cool and really nice to watch, when u like movies bout love! It's even better if u have a girlfriend and ur in love urself! =)
  19. I can agree to that! I don't know the original one but these news sound really great to me! :thumbsup:
  20. !? no way, im sorry. really lame and didnt make sense. if the first bit where he is an ass was a majority of the movie, it would be very good. thats what the trailer promised and it didnt deliver. Well, I have to say what sense does it make when he's bad all the time? He has to turn nice one day...
  21. Yeah man, true that! I finally want some new music and as u already said - nice movies for general people! :thumbsup:
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