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  1. Man, I'm glad ur writing all this! Because this song has always been my favorite on this album! When I first bought Born To Reign while I was doing vacation in turkey How Da Beat Goes On was my favorite song right away. I loved this track and I'm still lovin it and enjoyin it the most from this album.
  2. Slowly it's gettin' like waiting for a new album by Michael Jackson - it's takin' ages! :D
  3. I've seen it two days ago, either! I gotta say that the movie is pretty good! Now, I'm not freakin' out here because I never really was a Batman fan but everyone talked about this movie how fantastic it is and stuff like that so I had to watch it. It surprised me, I liked it, it was really good and Heath Ledger played his role as the Joker perfectly! It was definately the best thing in the movie - very unfortunate he's dead and can't play the Joker one more time, I always liked Heath but there's nothing u can do...
  4. Hey, wassup Visqo? :) I know, I was on vacation, u know! My girlfriend lives far away from me, about 300km and I've been to her for two weeks. :)
  5. Agreed 100%! I mean, if this is really true, then maybe the movie will be good but only maybe. I personally think, that it's unnecessary. I Am Legend was good and it's cool this way, we don't need no pre or sequel! There's really no need to it!
  6. That's hilarious, hahahaha! :lolsign: Will looks really mad on this one! HAHA! :D
  7. Finally I watched this movie, too! Together with my girlfriend and I gotta say I'm surprised! I neva expected that movie to be that great! It's really cool, exciting, funny - everything what ur lookin' for in a Will Smith movie. Only the end comes up too fast to me, I mean it could be a lil' longer. The movie is cool and all but nothing really much happens in there, like some opponents or somethin' like that. He doesn't really have an opponent what I expected at first. Then at first, when I saw the woman who had those powers like Hancock, either, I thought that's the opponent, she's evil or somethin'. But unfortunately she wasn't. Ok, there were those few guys who really made livin' hard for Hancock towards the end of the movie, they shot him with pistols and guns and stuff but come on, the end really could've been alot better! All in all the movie was really great, as I said I really didn't expect it to be that good, so it was cool!
  8. Wow, thanks for that! He looks different and to me it seems like he has gained some weight. :)
  9. I hope u are right, my friend! If not... :P
  10. That sounds kinda weird but it's the truth! Doesn't he ever do funny movies again?
  11. Oh, really? Ok...well, there have been some times I haven't really been online here, I had no time, was really busy at work, so maybe I just missed it!
  12. Haha, yeah I know this one! It rocks!!! That's just so funny and hilarious! :rofl:
  13. Hahahahaha, yeah that's great! :rofl: But sex is the most natural thing in the world and drugs ain't, so it's cool like that! Rather having lots of sex than takin' drugs, haha! :lolsign:
  14. Hahaha yeah, exactly! But honestly I never really heard something of this whole thing...
  15. U really think so? Hmm, would be great! :)
  16. Musically, Big Willie Style is the blandest album if we are talking about production. Lost + Found has a solid, heavier sound. Born To Reign was different and experimentals. And Willennium had the best, most classic and timeless sound...tho' some of the mainsteam ready tracks inturuppted the flow. Big Willie Style's production is good and perfect for it's time, but there were alot of samples. They were pulled off nicely, but still, the album is mostly samples. And the over sound is straight forward. No bells, whistles, no stretching...just good beats. It's not a bad thing, but when being compared 2 the other albums, is feel that BWS is the standard, the most basic, and the blandest. Yepp, I can agree here! I like the album BWS but there are really a lot of samples in it but still a great album tho'! :wickedwisdom: And what I gotta say about L&F is that it's cool and enough that he did this angry style once, chose some nice topics to rap about and being more serious, givin' some answers back to some of the other rappers who dissed him before. I like that, it was really nice but I think he did it once and that's enough. He showed people that he can be serious, too and rap with a more angry style and choose some nice topics for his lyrics but he doesn't need to do it anymore. He showed them once and that's cool - just like 'Hey guys, listen, if I want I can rap about serious things in the world and tell the truth but that's just not my style'.
  17. Will is actually not really freestylin very often right? Has anybody ever heard Will freestylin 4 real? Cuz' I've neva heard him do that... I'm sorry but I've gotta say this to you.. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? :stickpoke: Go buy Willenium and check track 8..its called "So Fresh" damn dude lol Haha, yeah, thanks! I know that but I meant in a show on tv or somethin'... :D @Ale: Thanks again!!! :thumbsup:
  18. Yeah, if it's really some new songs that we neva heard before then it'd be cool cuz that'd be somethin like a new album, either. ;)
  19. Wooooow man, thanks!!! :wickedwisdom: I've been lookin for this track for ages man, really, thanks alot!!! :thumbsup:
  20. Will is actually not really freestylin very often right? Has anybody ever heard Will freestylin 4 real? Cuz' I've neva heard him do that...
  21. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :rofl: Maaaaan, ur sayin' we could've done somethin' useful with our time but why don't u put up a warning or so under the thread title or right into it or somethin like that? :rofl:
  22. Of course, no problem! Just go 'head and share it whoever u want with! U have some friends over there? Wow, that's cool! :) I only have my girlfriend and one friend named 'Elvis' from nigeria but my gf is not from nigeria, she's from mocambique. :)
  23. Hahahaha, my mother is soooo scared of them, she always says they're mice! :rofl: I always answer 'No mum, that's why they're called hamsters' and she's like 'But they look like mice to me, I don't like them, they're ugly and disgusting'! :rofl:
  24. Right now I'm gonna just put in 'Code Red' by JJFP and listen to it! :wickedwisdom:
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