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  1. Come on guys!!! whats everyone else think?? :roll: :thumb: :roll:
  2. [quote=willreign,Jul 27 2004, 01:40 PM]I'm the only 1 that think Will just play with "reason"[/quote] What do u mean?? Do u mean the music software 'Reason'?? :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:
  3. I definately reckon Jeff would have!! He checks his own so i think he would have checked out Will's!! Its possible Will might have come across it!! Who knows!!
  4. Can't have that! It has to start with the last letter that mine ended with. So the new letter is 'h' Nice and Smoot[b]h[/b]<------ 'h'
  5. We in the UK are being shown 'Headsprung' The one with Timberland production
  6. I was thinking the same thing when I first saw the video!! I was like "He's trying to do Dilemma again!!" This one is no way as good tho!! The whole deal with the band aid was he was wearing it as a mark or respect for a friend/family member (I forgot) who was in jail! He said he'd stop wearing it when he was released!
  7. Yea!! We need ALL the information possible!!
  8. Ooo new Jill Scott!! I'll check it out!
  9. I don't bother with ringtones any more! I just have the boring "Ring Ring" :call:
  10. I did as it goes!! It was a girl dressed up in a cheerleading outfit shouting out [b]"Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince FOREVER!!" [/b] :roll: :roll:
  11. [quote=J-o-e,Jul 26 2004, 06:46 PM]the whackest rapper comin back badder than ever[/quote] You should never diss yourself man!! People will use that against you! :action:
  12. Don't be a menace to South Central whilst drinking your juice in the hood!!
  13. There's some serious talent up on this forum!! These are all quality!! :thumb:
  14. Hey!! I was at The Wirral the other day!!! I went to a wedding there!!!
  15. Sorry i didn't reply to this sooner man!! I completely missed it!! I like it but here are a few pointers: 1. I think your flow needs a bit of work. You got the lyrics, you got your own style but the way you deliver them could be a bit better. But the more you rap, the more this will get better. Its not even something you consciously think about. It just happens!! 2. Use original instrumentals. I know its easy and less hassle to use other peoples music, but it adds that touch of originality if you use your own. I know this is the way a lot of rappers start out but it's not something you should get into the habit of doing 3. Clarity. Some parts i didn't quite get. If your gonna record a song, make it the best song you've ever done. You don't to keep re-recording songs because some people didn't get it or understand it! Believe me i've been there and its [b]VERY[/b] tedious!! Other than that it was real good! Keep doing your thing man!! :music: :thumb: :music:
  16. Gotta be bigted!! That was [b]hot[/b] verse!
  17. Yea thanks Tim!! Definately gonna be a great album!! I'm itching for the Will/Timberland track!!
  18. [quote=DefCEM,Jul 26 2004, 04:23 AM]What!??? You saw 30 secs of the video here on german TV!??? man thats not fair!!! I'm just sitting in front of my TV all day long to see Will somewhere... Hopefully somebody have taped it... greets defcem[/quote] That makes me laugh!! Somebody who isn't German see's something on a german channel first!! :roll:
  19. Ha Ha!!! Wicked idea!! Ok................ Who on this forum is most likely to... 1. Wear clothing from the opposite sex (cross dress) [b]Prince!! You call them kilts, i call them skirts!![/b] 2. Steal money from you [b]Gotta be Julie!! My pockets are now sewn up because of her![/b] 3. Help create Burger Kings special sauce [b]Jonny-5 as Prince said, them videos you been watching will certainly increase mayonaise productivity[/b] 4. Find themselves in an insane asylum [b]willjadafan for crimes againgst not posting links and being accused of LYING!![/b] 5. Embellish the truth (or make it up) [b]j-o-e ha ha!! :cya: [/b] 6. Start stalking a celebrity [b]AJ you know a BIT too much bout Mr Smith!! ha ha!![/b] 7. Eat sheeps testicles [b]Prince again!! Come on man!! You eat Haggis!!! You'll eat anything[/b] 8. Turn up at your parties uninvited [b]Tim!!! He's everywhere........whether he's invited or not!! (JOKE!!)[/b] 9. Star in their own sitcom [b]Hopefully me!!!!![/b] 10. May get upset by peoples answers to this post [b]Willreign!! As Prince said, its all jokes!!!![/b]
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