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  1. This is the best I could find... http://www.allcdcovers.com/download/91fef3e2a95f537b6d4bfbd3fc1e7bb0/116477/c538ee4fd9f7d61e9a2226993c463720/511c1fef/dj_jazzy_jeff_fresh_prince_hes_the_dj_im_the_rapper_1988_retail_cd-inside http://www.allcdcovers.com/download/0971cf921166c71b47e5f678e1343c8e/116477/87d2fac4acd8d98cc44355778575ba86/511c2018/dj_jazzy_jeff_fresh_prince_hes_the_dj_im_the_rapper_1988_retail_cd-front
  2. Elmo looks petrified in that picture!
  3. Amazing... How on earth have we not seen this until now? Feels good to have something fresh after such a long time... I think the last time this happened was with 'Don't Fight The Feeling'
  4. Another great episode! Thanks for bringing it Nicole!
  5. That movie was definitely suited for Will and Martin... I can't see Arsenio in that role..
  6. That threw me as well.. If that's true I certainly didn't know that
  7. Thanks for posting! Ale had already done so but this certainly is a rare gem!
  8. I just saw this movie and also loved it! For me the standout performance was Leo DiCaprio! He is certainly making all the right choices in his career of late and will most certainly go out as one of the greats... Samuel L Jackson was absolutely hilarious!! The type of movie this is, I can see why Will didn't take it. He was probably reluctant to do another 'cowboy movie', he is very image conscious and the themes of the movie pretty much is pushing the limit for Will and he also wouldn't have the usual 'control' element he is used to with all his movies. I'm glad for Jamie tho as this will do wonders for his career. This was perfectly cast and a really enjoyable movie.
  9. I'll certainly look forward to seeing footage of that concert! Especially if Kriss Kross perform!!
  10. Awesome first episode!! I really think we are in for a treat with this series!
  11. If Ale can't find it then you can be pretty much certain it doesn't exist!!!!
  12. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this with us Nicole... Really looking forward to seeing this over the next few weeks... Hopefully we can do this all again in 2013!
  13. No problem! SB.TV are pretty big on the urban scene here in the UK
  14. I'm hoping so! Chris probably has a ridiculous amount of footage to edit tho!
  15. We've probably seen all of Will's bits in the trailer... TBH I'll probably still go and see it in the cinema when it's released
  16. I would also have to agree... this was cool but for me Rap and Christmas songs don't mix. My Christmas playlists don't have any rap in them at all.
  17. He is planning to do another 'My Fav's' tape... Next to his albums this is what I'm excited for the most from Jeff
  18. I've always wondered the same thing... Jeff does work with other rappers but my thoughts were regarding the likes of Jay Z, Nas etc... I always thought that was why he put out My Fav's to show these guys what they would sound like over a Jeff beat
  19. Just one itty bitty track!! That's all we want!! This would be the perfect platform for Will to get properly back into the swing of things!
  20. He just posted it on his twitter! Looking forward to seeing who he works with for this project... Hopefully he will be able to pin down Will for one track!!
  21. http://www.djjazzyje...m/archives/2938 Download link ---> here
  22. That first vid of Will spitting has received over 2.5 MILLION views..... Crazy right!
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