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  1. Woah!! That's gotta be some progress right!
  2. I did mine already! I think Julie has done hers as well!
  3. AJ give it a go! You will be surprised! I follow battle rap and it is pretty awesome. There is something for everyone and the format that is done now is very entertaining.
  4. This would be a big thing for those who follow battle rap. Murda Mook almost has legendary status when it comes to battling. This is becoming the era for mainstream artists taking on battle rap emcees. If you like battle rap you should really get down with King of the Dot, Don't Flop and URL.
  5. Yeah I haven't been able to get on for a few days. Thanks again Hax!
  6. Love that! It's so good seeing two old friends together catching up and having fun!
  7. Fantastic! What a great atmosphere to be in!
  8. Ha ha! Will taking his top off! Not sure I've seen that in one of his performances!
  9. Crazy... A very talented actor and comedian.. RIP
  10. Thanks for the info Nicole. Unfortunately the Aug shows are a bit too far for me and I'll be in Miami when he is at Plan B... Talk about bad timing on my part. Hope a few others from the board can make it though!
  11. Jeff will be playing at Plan B in Brixton for Doctors Orders! Ferno will also be spinning as well! Gutted I won't be able to make this one as I fly out to Miami that day! http://thedoctorsorders.com/saturday-24th-oct/
  12. I love this!! I've always loved it when people remix Super Mario themes!
  13. I chat to Ferno on Twitter! Didn't know about his Facebook
  14. Great to here this from the source! Thanks for sharing this bit of info for us. Anything you can let us hear would be amazing.
  15. Yeah it was very last minute... Will called Jeff and he literally dropped everything to fly out! Alphonso was a very last minute decision as well.
  16. Happy birthday Nicole! It's been fantastic getting to know you!! Have an amazing day!!
  17. This is simply amazing... We truly lost someone special
  18. It's laughable really! They know nothing of us, the day itself or our relationship with Jeff and the crew. Let them say what they want to say!
  19. Very good!! Dayne is something else! A very talented lyricist indeed.
  20. Thanks for bringing this AJ! I haven't heard any of these! I love them. I do really like Michelle's 'Say Yes'. It sounds like a real church song that get's you in the spirit.
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