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  1. Maybe im being way to optimistic but with us meeting Jeff a couple of times this year and making ourselves known, it makes me wonder if Jeff reads this and even if Will does. If they ever want to know what their fans think, this is really the only place to come.
  2. Im slightly hijacking this thread bcoz i dont wanna start a new one. Well on Sunday me, Kim and Paul (Kims boyfriend) met Tim. I decided as Tim is Australian it might be fun to take him to the chill factor which is an indoor ski place with real snow, he was hesitant at first but then agreed. Because skiing is way to hard we decided to go sledging (well i decided mostly bcoz everything else was booked up). I picked Tim up from his Aunties house and even met his Auntie, she was really sweet. Tim then had to put up with my driving and my dodgy sat nav that took us to a random dead end. We eventually got there and Tim looked worried haha. We ended up sledging with all these kids, it was great fun, apart from wearing jeans was a rookie mistake and i was soaking by the end of it as snow got into my pants. The only time Tim came off his sledge was when we were half way down the slope and some kids were walking across the bottom, despite my screams they didnt pay attention to us hurtling toward them, Tim saved the childrens lives by crashing himself into the netting at the side of us haha. We all came off the sledges as some point, usually crashing into each other or the netting. Afterwards we went to the trafford centre which is a big shopping mall. We ate at TGI Fridays which was nice and talked about Will and Jeff meetings, Australia, how Tim wants to live over here etc. We had a great time and no-one got injured. Again it was weird, it wasnt really like we had just met for the first time. Here are some pics of us at the trafford centre. 10 years in the making! With Kim And Paul, apparently Paul looks like a tank here.
  3. That picture is awesome, sounds like an amazing night! Me and Kim are gonna meet up with Tim on Sunay in Manchester, its no Jeff show but it will be great to finally meet up after 10 years.
  4. Uk peeps, there is a show on channel 4 on Friday called Stand up to cancer, i keep seeing it with Will's name on the advert. I think its similar to red nose day where its on all night. Recording boxes at the ready!
  5. Thats just wrong, poor dog. Thats America for you, i think if i went to a groomers over here and asked them to dye my dog they would look at me funny.
  6. Does anyone else think that picture doesnt look like its from 1989, i mean his hair isnt square enough. It looks like an ID card from 1995 or something lol.
  7. hahahaha thats hilarious, but yeah why are they bringing this up now? Slow news day? And how come Will got arrested for what Charlie Mack did? Is it because Will told him to do it?
  8. I dont know who organizes this but they are doing a bad job, i dont think they realize people are making plans, booking train tickets and hotels. Im the same djlody, i bought tickets to see jeff at a DJ event a few years back and he got took off the schedule and i couldnt get my money back. We know as much as you do really, as Kev said be careful. Twice ive had Jeff shows cancel on me now.
  9. Have a good time guys, sorry i couldnt make it.
  10. woah its been so long since ive seen Willow with a full head of hair, it looks odd haha. Hair extensions much?
  11. Let this be a lesson to all of you. Dont take drugs.
  12. Hes turning more and more into a mini Will, not just his looks but the things he says. Hes so mature for his age.
  13. Im a bit annoyed to be honest, this is the second time this has happened to me. Im pretty sure i cant get a refund on my train tickets, ive had everyones shifts at work swapped around and i cant do the 15th bcoz i have tickets for something else.
  14. Still waiting to hear back from Michelle too, i might message her again incase she wants to be on the guest list. Where abouts are you guys staying, i havnt booked my hotel yet, i might try and get somewhere close to the venue so i can get a taxi back.
  15. I contacted Michelle on facebook, she might be able to come, she has to see when her boyfriend is working and will let us know.
  16. I remember when i saw Jeff in Liverpool he went on about 1-2am or something. I know in London it finished early enough for me to catch the last train which was just after 11.
  17. I think Jaden has a lot of talent but i agree with Miss Ashley there is no variation, his rap was a bit too laid back for the beat, he needed to go a bit harder. Ive never been a fan of that cant be bothered sounding rap. I wonder if they are releasing this, the beats and video are great.
  18. Ok i just checked train times and one can get me into Euston for 6pm. I could maybe get an earlier one at a push. Ive then got to dump my stuff at a hotel somewhere.
  19. Maybe, i cant really remember what he looks like. There cant be too many people with that name.
  20. Yoko Ono was involved in this, that explains a lot.
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