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  1. see... exactly the kind of person i was talkin about in my earlier post. so u can read Will's mind now?? --- U know 50 ain't the first rapper Will has been hangin around with that ya'll don't like. Will hangs out with jay-Z and u guys got a problem with that too. yeah well this guys a real hater. he dont have an open mind about anybody. just the type of ppl i just ignore now.
  2. y? it's b/c ppl like him refuse to believe Will would be friends with anyone like 50. They want Will to not like him. Well, fans can't always have it their way, and i like the fact Will and 50 are cool with each other. People here are always askin "why do other rappers hate on Will when there's no need to?" Yet, whenever a rapper they dislike is cool with Will, they "don't want him to." LOL... contradictions. i know what you meen there. totaly agree
  3. Do you think he's talking about the same Michelle who's a Holy Roller now? (Lost And Found) Just a possible connection I noticed when listning to Big Willie Style. i doubt it as in "i love you" hes talking about a friend of his girlfriend. on "mis holy-roler" hes refering to someone he was going out with.
  4. nothing wrong with 50, period. You dont like the way he raps? so what? dont listen 2 him, you dont have to be a hater.
  5. iv only just recently got the genuin copy of homebase, till then i always thought on the front cover will was holding an umbrella, untill i baught it and looked at it, its just sum jazzy colouring. lol any1 else think the same?
  6. i recon that if they released one then it would include alot of recognisable material. As a record is unreleased and goin to stay unreleased then will will have taken the best bits and put em into better songs.
  7. Yeah, Wendy Williams is next and then its Eminem... eminem? christ, yeah u keep thinkin that kida!
  8. Will Smith's Big Willy Mistake Will Smith has claimed he boasted about the size of his manhood by mistake. The singer-turned-actor said he called his 1997 album 'Big Willie Style' because in America it means he is the man in charge. However, he said he didn't realise that in Britain this means he is well-endowed. But the Independence Day star said he doesn't worry about the blunder because his big manhood boast "isn't unfounded". He said: "The Big Willie is somebody who's basically running the show, the guy who's in charge. I didn't realise it meant something else in England. "But no bad thing? Hey, the truth is the truth."
  9. http://www.yaleherald.com/article.php?Article=4307 check out this site! kind of a strange review 2 lost and found. Hate and like the album! :slap: :slap:
  10. sorry ignore this post.. already been posted
  11. Sunday 3.35pm on T4 will is making aparance. The advert gave the tune for "little something like this" so maybe its a DJJJFP aperance?
  12. 2pac eminem Big L Biggie will smith In no order
  13. Irealy have to say Will is great. I keep hearing different lyrics everytime i listen to it. "cause hate is the chld to greatness, the glue between Neo & the Smiths in the matrix"
  14. yeah his life init. dats why he said, he grew up got married and you were born (talkin 2 his son)
  15. Fresh Prince - Then she bit me :bowrofl: :kekeke: :cwm: :music: :hilarious: :clap2: :clap3: :lolsign: it must be one of the funiest traks ever!
  16. http://www.mp3.com/albums/20003396/summary.html another kind of review with fans opinions also
  17. yeah the one about white guy was funny!!!
  18. almost 3 in the morning parents are playing amarilo!!!! NEED SLEEP!!!!
  19. just thought id add david beckhams sons wont be able 2 play soccer!! We dont need another david beckham. :scope: :offtopic: (change the OT to Kill David)
  20. Will Smith is worried about his son - because his teachers think that he won't be able to rap. Smith, who is currently in the UK to promote his new film, Hitch, was told that his son struggles with rhymes at a school parents' evening. He explained, "I went to a parent-teacher meeting and my boy's English teacher said, 'He's struggling with the concept of rhyming and putting rhymes together'. "And that was the night I won the MTV Award for Best Rap Performance. I was thinking, 'Wow, that's just total parental neglect!'" Smith added, "Michael Jordan's kids can definitely play basketball. David Beckham's sons are going to be able to play soccer. But my boy can't rhyme. We've been working on it though!"
  21. Hollywood star Will Smith has claimed that he was prevented from kissing co-star Cameron Diaz on screen, due to racial prejudices. The actor said that Hollywood still believes that people have problems with a black man and white woman getting intimate and so there were no love scenes between him and Diaz in their movie ''Hitch''. Hollywood is nervous about a black man kissing a white woman on screen. "That becomes massive news in the US. Outside America, it's no big deal. But in the US, it's still a racial issue," the actor was quoted by Femalefirst, as saying. Ironically, Hollywood is happy to do it if the film is about racism. But they won''t simply do it and ignore it," he added.
  22. thought id have another shout out for any1 who fancys a gmail account? i got plenty of invitations for JJFP fans:)
  23. just like to give a shout out for the pope, shame about him dieing. :sad6: :sad6: :sad6: :sad6: :sad6:
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