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  1. £42.50 each, on da 14th September at Manchester... I soooooo can't wait!! Eminem, 50cent, G-Unit, D12, Obie, Stat Quo, also rumers of Lil John and eastside boys 2... This is something I am most looking forward to.
  2. i'm not gonna even go in2 whether eminem is good or whatever, but theres something seriously wrong with u if u think that Will & Eminem should rap 2gether. go 2 willsmith.com 2 find more people who think they should rap 2gether. ← hahaha geek, yeah i do think they would, cos i belive they are two amazing lyricalists, and also think there bothsooo funny.
  3. im just like will!!! im a light weight! I think the sexiest person ever! Im black (well, i aint but i go to TanFastic alot) and im goin to be famous.. if you want my autograph send a stamped addressed envelope with a five pound note in it. I do not accept Euros or dollas, english currency only please.
  4. lol i aint sure but i recon that you would most probobly get australian rugby league on. Have a look about:) tiss a good game, unlike american football:p :1-say-yes:
  5. who in here is a rugby league fan? and to all those that aint you should give it a try:) Hull FC till I die
  6. dare i say it... will smith, eminem, snoop ... even if you dont like eminem you cannot denny his tallent and how amazing and funny the records these 3 could produce. :jazzy:
  7. yeah and they gave the same answer. I thort i was having a scary dejavu.
  8. yeah i saw it, its a good video cos you can hear how great will is live and see jazzy scrach :jazzy:. It will also help raise awarness of poverty in africa.
  9. I'm sure we all already know but if you don't, or you wanna read some more info about it here's a link off SOHH. http://sohh.com/thewire/read.php?contentID=7140
  10. sorry guys, change the extention from ".mp3" to ".wmv" sorry about that.
  11. and i suppose these version are unavailable?
  12. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: HOW THE **** can they make a game for hitch?? what would you do???? OMG, i seriously bet this game doesnt happen.
  13. Incase any of you missed then here are a few tracks for you: Jazzy Jeff - Rock Wit U (Video) http://www.gbfreelance.co.uk/Jazzy_RockWitU.wmv Jazzy Jeff - Ya Hear Me - Pauly Yamz ft eminem http://www.gbfreelance.co.uk/Jazzy_PaulyYamz_Eminem.mp3 Enjoy
  14. Wondered if there is any versions of any wills albums that are screwed and chopped? not that i can't here the lyrics but i like the sound.
  15. OMG the willsmith.com forum is halerious sometimes. Extracts from the topic "Will Smith is the only gangster in the world!!!!" 50 cent is a gangster but i like the way u tlk i know a lot off gangesters but will smith is 1 of them gangsters r well decent i hang around in a big group ov dem think will is a good gangster if you know what i mean he dosnt shoot ppl lol Quite a funny topic to read. Prince later added: "WS was shot at once though. I don't know the full story, but years ago he punched a guy, jumped into his truck, jammed the accelerator down and drove off, which is when some bullets were fired at him." Which is something that i never knew.
  16. For all those that don't have it. Will Smith - We Won't (Bonus Track) http://www.gbfreelance.co.uk/17_We_Wont.wmv Enjoy
  17. sure mate here it is: http://www.gbfreelance.co.uk/17_We_Wont.wmv enjoy Just wondering if any1 has "chosen one", i was unfortunate to miss the post.
  18. source is crap anyway. Its a magasine that is over hiped anyway.
  19. you never know will could be returning to hip-hop yet again faster then we could imagine
  20. what like?? i bet she cant make you feel as good as listenin to will can she? surely not?
  21. http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/best_rap-songs.html Fresh prince and jazzy jeff got 67th and 87th best hip-hop track ever acording to this review.
  22. choice FM,(urban digital/ choice digital) i heard switch quite a few times and they played a few will songs 2. and had an interview ith will. Must be just english black radio thats good:)
  23. What makes you say that? "Now where was Jesus, when you life then you was cheatin’, when you was deceiving me?" ??
  24. i try to, i jut dont like ppl who dont have an open mind about other rapers.
  25. see... exactly the kind of person i was talkin about in my earlier post. so u can read Will's mind now?? --- U know 50 ain't the first rapper Will has been hangin around with that ya'll don't like. Will hangs out with jay-Z and u guys got a problem with that too. yeah well this guys a real hater. he dont have an open mind about anybody. just the type of ppl i just ignore now. And what do you know about that? I just dont have an open mind about a stupid fool like 50 Cent. haha, do you know what an "open mind" is? ... ur a strannge person
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