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  1. [quote=KB,Sep 1 2004, 12:33 AM][quote=KevTastic,Aug 31 2004, 02:29 PM] Yeh, but he only re-joined them cos one of the members was tragically killed. Funny, maybe. But i don't think they have the skills to produce anything that hasn't been done before. As far as large Rap groups go, Wu-Tang would do it for me over them every time[/quote] If you're gonna try to tell a man's history, atleast tell it right, Eminem was an original member of D12, whenBuGz died it was SWIFTY that replaced him [/quote] nope!
  2. haha lol, wont realy too much of a diss thought was it. realy i fink he respects will.
  3. gotcha. yeah bizarre pretty sick sumtimes lol but ya no it aint ment to be took seriously. i do prefere eminems albums as it has more emotion in them. but i like d12 as its like eminem with a twist.
  4. i no but dont you think sum1 will have gotten it. i just realy realy want to hear it. what about even a few lyrics from it ppl remmbered?
  5. i was wonderin, with me reading that will performed his new single switch at the i robot premier how come no1 has any video or audio of it?
  6. "funny" ?? cum on! You ever heard da devils night album? for me they are, manybe not the best, but are a great one! bizarre, u ever seen ne1 like him? he may not be good at rappin, but his lyrics are funny as hell!!
  7. the passion he puts in. D12 is his group and friends from when he was nothing, they made a pact that first to get signd wud bring group with em. I think d12 are gr8, some are soo funny, devils night album was best but i still think there gr8. many people say prouf should go solo, he's a good rapper 2.
  8. yeah i baught "born to reign" brand new for £1. was like wow! couldnt see willenium at that time though, i will keep lookin.
  9. [quote=KevTastic,Aug 31 2004, 02:15 PM]I'm no hater, just not a fan of 50 etc. I like Eminem, i think he has good flow and his lyrics are well put together, just it seems he's not as passionate as he used to be.[/quote] 50 aint amazing, hes average, well thats what i think. His new album around same time as wills, i think he is just as pasionate "eminem show" had tracks like white america, whihc were full of passion. im lookin forward to it just as much as wills actually.
  10. i respect how you say he is "bad hip-hop" but you cant say his rhymes are poor?? favourite artists of all time (no order) : will smith eminem big L 2pac and 3 of them you could say are "bad hip-hop" realy can't you. and they are so talented. i think eminem his taking a different way. he aint rappin bout being a gangster, hes raping about realy life, dats why i feel he is one of the best rappers out there(might think is a bit over top but i truely belive this).
  11. [quote=Prince,May 4 2004, 03:45 PM]Cool review. I have still got to find it in a store near me :tear: [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0001ENY2G.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg[/img][/quote] iv seen it in lots neer me. HMV, MVC, andys records, the big named stores, and most aint that large, you have ne of them neer u?
  12. is people in hear haters of d12 eminem 50 dre etc? i meen da shady/aftermath combination? just i saw sum mosts about d12 nd 50 kinda dissin em. I love will, hes amazing artist but so is eminem, he may have sed da like on real slim shady about **** him. but cumon, dats nout. its rymes, more den anything i wud have loved for him to say dat if i was will. it just shows that he can make good records without cursing. prouf also mentions him in a freestyle. I think alot of artists atualy respect will for this.
  13. dint they do it on the very first episode? they liked it and then repeated it. good job they did, tiss a action you will always remmber frsh princ of bell air for.
  14. ya think its orite to pirate when u did own da cd at 1 point. i own ever will album but i lost willenium :dunno: was well dissapointed. You think its ok to just download it?
  15. hmmm, contradition? i would have thought the official shark take soundtrack to be more reliable?
  16. it was my friends leaving party on friday and somehow he managed to get this dj for £60 as some mates knew him. He was the dj for Cassidy the other day at road block. I must say he was amazing. We asked him to do a track similar to pump it up by jazz but da club was crap and gave him a table to put his tecks on and he cunt do it, was dissapointed with that, over wise was great.
  17. i fell asleep while waitin for will. den heard that he dint av much part. ya still recon is worth to watch da repeats to see him?
  18. I realy honesly am realy looking forward to the singles realse (or at least been on telly) da only other album i'm looking forward to is eminems around same release time as wills i heard. :sonny:
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