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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from VIsqo in How to fix Will Smith's career   
    Let me guess, the writer is a white guy, 20-37 years old? I'm guessing this because most annoying, overly opinionated, arrogant writers/personalities that come off this way ARE. LOL While I agree with some of the points made, the whole tone of it is annoying and off.

    The truth is, Happyness is probably the last FP movie that I truly enjoyed. I like MIB3 and Seven Pounds. I grew to like Legend (other than the end), but the magic of his movies has fizzled. Granted, I don't care about them much. I'm all about the music, but USUALLY I hyped up when they drop and enjoy them. And I STILL haven't seen After Earth. I'm just busy, and this isn't Bad Boys, Hitch, or MIB. I will in the next couple of days.

    I think the bottom line is this, there is a time to produce and have creative control over your movies, and time to let it go. He's not going to grow if he isn't challenged, stirred up, and stretched. COLLABORATING is key in movies, TV, and theater. If he fails to collaborate and let some control go, I could see things staying like this. The same goes for his kids career; have involvement TO A POINT. I have to say that I don't like Tarantino at all. I've watched Pulp Fiction through and pieces of a few of his other movies and for the most part, I hated them. They have a specific taste for a specific kind of person.

    Not every movie can be a hit. He's had lack luster success before. People are just making a big deal of it this time. They still love him though. He'll always have that on his side and that's why reactions like this are just a flash in the pan.
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from VIsqo in After Earth Box Office   
    I have to be honest, I still haven't seen it. I will this week, and I don't ever care what critics say. I've just been busy and this kind of movie doesn't pull me in like most of them do. I like how he took the critical questions from Jimmy in stride. He was comical about it didn't seem to be that bothered. Not may people get confronted with questions like that, and he handled them perfectly. It may not be a critical success, but can we really call it a "flop?"
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from willreign in Will: "If 'After Earth' is successful in Korea, I'm gonna do a song with Psy"   
    THAT WOULD BE...awful. As far as I'm concerned, the movie can tank. I want music. Psy is obnoxious and doesn't make actual music. We know the movie is gonna be large, tho.'
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Ale in BACK TO BACK ID4 SEQUELS - WILL SMITH LOCKED?   
    It's a dumb idea. It's so dumb that I'm challenged to understand why people think it's a good idea...other than greedy companies that will profit from it. FP has said many times "zero chance." It pains me that he'd consider it without seeing a miracle of a script that almost makes the idea of a sequel tolerable. The bottom line is; the earth doesn't get attacked by aliens twice. To pursue that idea tarnishes the original. The only thing that gives me an ounce of fear that FP would do it is that he's done moves like Hancock, which I can't imagine were that good on paper when he agreed to do it.
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Ale in SO FRESH - BEHIND THE SCENES - UNCUT   
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from actitlecace in SNOOP LIONY LION - REGGAE ALBUM   
    Believe it or now, I got this from Yahoo! News...

    Snoop Dogg becomes Snoop Lion, readies reggae CD
    By MESFIN FEKADU | Associated Press – 20 hours ago


    View Photo
    This Monday, July 30, 2012 photo shows Snoop Dogg, who now goes by Snoop Lion, posing … View Photo
    This Monday, July 30, 2012 photo shows Snoop Dogg, who now goes by Snoop Lion, posing …

    NEW YORK (AP) — Snoop Dogg says he was "born again" during a visit to Jamaica in January, is changing his name to Snoop Lion and is ready to make music that his "kids and grandparents can listen to."
    The artist known for gangster rap is releasing a reggae album called "Reincarnated" in the fall.
    The West Coast rapper held a news conference in New York on Monday. Later he played five songs for a small crowd, including one called "No Guns Allowed." It features his daughter.
    The album will be followed with a documentary of the same name. It features him making music and will include some personal elements of his life, a producer of the film said. It will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from actitlecace in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S NEW ALBUM JUST DROPPED...AND IT'S FREE!   
    Arrested Development is celebrating 20 years in the game with a new album titled Standing At The Crossroads. I know many of you are are at least semi-familiar with their eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul and funk. They truly innovators and one of the most consistent groups in Hip-Hop. This album is filled with forward-thinking and positive vibes, just like all of their others.

    BEST OF ALL, THEY HAVE PUT OUT THE ALBUM FOR FREE!! Do yourself a favor and download the album now! Here's the link...

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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Silver Tiger in My New Video   
    Funny....I laughed out a loud a few times.
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Ale in "THROWBACK THURSDAY" Contest on Facebook   
    I wanted share the pic of the shirt, mixtape, and signed lanyard that Jeff sent me...

    Front of the shirt...

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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Ale in "THROWBACK THURSDAY" Contest on Facebook   
    Hey all, since I finally have some free time I posted a picture in Jazzy's Throwback Thursday for the first time in months. I was hoping you guys could show your support by liking my pic. It features a lot of my JJ+FP collection.

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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Illmatic in Will hinting at a new flick on his fb page...   
    I hope his new movie is an album.
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from BDX in Music used in Fresh Prince of Bel Air   
    Holy crap! I just watched the whole video and this person who uploaded it added Marlon Waynes parody "Mr. Uglyman" (from In Living Color) to the end of the video!! LOL
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    JumpinJack AJ reacted to bigted in The 10 Most Disappointing Rap Albums of 2010   
    Well nobody puts out classics anymore, there's some "good" albums out there but nothing groundbreaking these days, I actually look more for classics from previous years these days than the new albums....
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    JumpinJack AJ reacted to Vipa in Will recording with Game produced by the Neptunes   
    Was it Project Pat or Petey Pablo?

    They should really put out some kind of "Lost Tapes" album...Just a collection of unreleased material from over the years...
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    JumpinJack AJ reacted to fresh_from_sofia in 2010 Grammy Awards   

    Category 31

    Best Rap Solo Performance
    (For a solo Rap performance. Singles or Tracks only.)

    Best I Ever Had
    [Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown]

    Track from: Relapse
    [Aftermath/Interscope Records]

    D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)
    [Roc Nation]

    Day 'N' Nite
    Kid Cudi
    [universal Motown/Good/Fool's Gold]

    Casa Bey
    Mos Def
    Track from: The Ecstatic
    [Downtown Records]

    Category 32

    Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group
    (For duo, group or collaborative performances of Rap only. Singles or Tracks only.)

    Too Many Rappers
    Beastie Boys & Nas

    Crack A Bottle
    Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
    Track from: Relapse

    Money Goes, Honey Stay
    Fabolous & Jay-Z
    Track from: Loso's Way
    [Def Jam]

    Make Her Say
    Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Common
    [universal Motown/GOOD Music]

    Kanye West & Young Jeezy
    Track from: 808s & Heartbreak

    Category 33

    Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
    (For a Rap/Sung collaborative performance by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only.)

    Beyoncé & Kanye West
    [Music World Music/Columbia]

    Knock You Down
    Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo
    Track from: In A Perfect World...
    [MMG/Zone 4/Interscope Records]

    Run This Town
    Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West
    [Roc Nation]

    I'm On A Boat
    The Lonely Island & T-Pain
    Track from: Incredibad
    [universal Republic Records]

    Dead And Gone
    T.I. & Justin Timberlake
    Track from: Paper Trail
    [Grand Hustle/Atlantic]

    Category 34

    Best Rap Song
    (A Songwriter(s) Award. For Song Eligibility Guidelines see Category #3. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Singles or Tracks only.)

    Best I Ever Had
    Aubrey Drake Graham, D. Hamilton & M. Samuels, songwriters (Drake)
    [Aspire/Young Money/Cash Money; Publisher: Sony/ATV Tunes.]

    Day 'N' Nite
    S. Mescudi & O. Omishore, songwriters (Kid Cudi)
    [universal Motown/Good/Fool's Gold; Publishers: Elsie's Baby Boy, Owo Olorun, Universal Music Publishing.]

    Dead And Gone
    C. Harris, R. Tadross & J. Timberlake, songwriters (T.I. & Justin Timberlake)
    Track from: Paper Trail
    [Grand Hustle/Atlantic; Publishers: Crown Club Publishing/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing/Tenman Tunes/Universal Z Tunes/Cleopatra's Sons Music/EMI April Music.]

    D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)
    Shawn Carter & Ernest Wilson, songwriters (Gary DeCarlo, Dale Frashuer, Paul Leka, Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky, songwriters) (Jay-Z)
    [Atlantic; Publishers: EMI April Music, Carter Boys Music/Chrysalis Songs/No ID Music, Unichappell Music, APM Music.]

    Run This Town
    Shawn Carter, R. Fenty, M. Riddick, Kanye West & E. Wilson, songwriters (Athanasios Alatas, songwriter) (Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West)
    [Roc Nation; Publishers: EMI April Music, Carter Boys Music/Please Gimme My Publishing/EMI Blackwood/Chrysalis Songs/No ID Music/All The Above Publishing/Sony ATV/Annauhi Music/Athanasios Alatas Publishing.]

    Category 35

    Best Rap Album
    (For albums containing 51% or more playing time of VOCAL tracks.)

    Universal Mind Control


    Flo Rida
    [Poe Boy/Atlantic]

    The Ecstatic
    Mos Def
    [Downtown Records]

    The Renaissance
    [universal Motown]

    http://www.grammy.com/grammy_awards/52nd_show/list.aspx the whole list
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Jonasdk in What Are You Listening To? XIX   
    OWL CITY - Fireflies
    Ocean Eyes (2009)

    This normally isn't my flava but I just like this guy's vibe. His sound is so unique.
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    JumpinJack AJ got a reaction from Cozmo D in LL Cool J - No Crew Is Superior   
    Cozmo, i think we'll be on the same page with this. It's still one of LL's weakest tracks ever. The production is just 2 bad 2 keep my attention for the lyrics. LL has never slipped lyrically. It's the the weakest of the production that's been hurting his music lately.
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