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  1. I feel embarrsed asking this but I need to know something. I browse to a file-sharing program (no, I don't download Will Smith's songs from there. I have the Lost & Found album CD) and I keep seeing a "Lil Jon" remix of "Switch". I also saw the remix in Will's MySpace. Sadly, I can't hear it (maybe a problem with Flash) and I was wondering if there is really a Lil Jon remix? I have been asking myself this many times.
  2. I'm 14, so I wasn't there when the first album appeared by Jeff Townes and Will Smith. Also, I didn't knew about Will Smith's solo albums. But my first album is "Lost & Found" and immediatly loved his music. Later on, I learned about the old skool rap duo, I got an interesting of the two. I still however can't find any of the albums they did together as "DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince". I'm a newbie fan.
  3. I do agree about the role about "Phone Booth", since it's one of the few movies I saw already. Anyway, I wouldn't see much the Matrix because I still don't get it. Still, I still didn't watch. Anyway, Will does have his reasons to turn down these roles.
  4. Never had. I wish I would, I think I missed my chance once but I'm still looking if he ever comes to perform to a place neaby my town.
  5. I always sing along to this song and even pledge to it.This song is so underappreciated, except for this forum, it's the one most wonderful sonsg ever.
  6. I can't choose between "Party Starter: and "Just The Two Of Us". In a very emotional way, Just The Two Of Us. Party song, "Party Starter".
  7. My message to the movie: I am really can't wait for the movie to premiere!! I got inspired to it and not just because Will Smith is in it, also the plot. It seems like a sad story and with a happy ending and I got interested. I'm gonna try to read the book first and then watch the movie.
  8. So, a new album with DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince? That's awesome that they're doing an album for themselves again! Sure, they still did songs together but one for themselves, written by themselves, performed by themselves, that is so COOL! I would definetly wait for it! Hopefully, soon....
  9. Well, I have the song. But unless someone else is willing to offer it to you, you can get it. You can also contribute to the site more, since I believe I have seen some threads in the Rare Tracks board have Comin' To The Stage and various others.
  10. I haven't heard the other ones but the only I heard was Potnas I do agree that song is a very special one. Everyone should hear it!
  11. A Dog is a Dog "while the DJ's spinning a tune as the old folks dance at your family reunion"
  12. So that what it was? I also thought Will was ticked off or wanted to try something new. I only heard it once, so maybe I'll get it if I hear it again.
  13. I think that song is being sold on iTunes for the 3 track single "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It". It's a Triple Play special offered by iTunes and it had the original, the So So Def Remix and the DJ Scratch Remix. I wish I can find a lot of the JJFP/WS unreleased songs, since there are so many, I want them so badly! I'm still trying to get Chosen One. B-Sides or other appearances I know of are.... Are all of those songs posted in the Rare Tracks board? I was interested on some of them like the "Hey Sexy Lady (Sexy Lady Explosion)" track. Can somone give them to me?
  14. My top 5: 1. Party Starter (single is more better) 2. Tell Me Why 3. Switch (Reggae Remix) 4. Lost & Found 5. Comin' to the Stage The only one that I have not heard is Chosen One. I wish I had the song...
  15. I heard a song that had Jazzy Jeff and Emine. I'm kind of confused what it means exactly the song. I can't remember the name of the song too. Sorry, I just don't want to look stupid, for I'm still a newbie.
  16. They all seem great! I'm not sure for me though. Can't decide who.
  17. No to sound dumb or anything, since I'm a newbie. So, the music video is never shown to anyone or something?
  18. Less than a year. Since I liked Will Smith first and then I learned about DJ Jazzy Jeff and then I enjoyed their music too! I'm 13 though and I love the music they make! So, it's just a new fandom I have.
  19. "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (of course)
  20. I think this old news but for sure, Alfonso and Will are still buddies, for I know he directed some episodes of "All of Us" and also, I can't remember when but Will went on a big event and he took Alfonso with him to go on that even because his wife (Jada, of course) was unable to attend. That's old news though.
  21. You, just instrumentals with the acapella put in there. Yet, they're OK. Not very good though.
  22. I agree, for people give a chance to artists but hearing the whole album. Pretty much, reminds me of my best friend. For he always says negative things about Will Smith and me being a fan, I was really ticked oof at times, for he has never heard a song from him! Still, when I try to make hims hear one of his songs (Tell Me Why), before it reached one minute, he said that song sucked!
  23. I saw it too and it was very awesome. Nice use of clips for the lyrics. Matched very well!
  24. Have you tried using iTunes? I remember that if you import a video in iTunes, you can then convert it to the format iPod can read. Not exactly sure what to do because I have no iPod.
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