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  1. I like the the reggea remix better. The original one is great too and also the R&B (but not as much).
  2. I haven't heard of all of their songs but I have some. Lately, I think the one I like is "Girl's Ain't Nothing but Trouble".
  3. Well, since I pretty much find songs of Will Smith and if even possible, try to find remixes of some of them. I really much want to hear more of his songs, since almost over 80% of my music library is him and with Jazzy Jeff.
  4. I have the album "lost & Found" and pretty much, I love almsot all the songs. Still, I have a question. Does the Switch Remix of Reggea (I think I spelled that wrong) is the same one in here called "Comin to the Stage"? Also, there are also songs I have not heard of from Will Smith and there is one called Chosen One. Where can I hear the song? Is it provided in this forum by someone else? The reason I said this is because I can't access the JJFP board.
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