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  1. yeah.. racism is getting boring innit?? all young dudes and ladies on here.. lets get interracial and make the world coffee coloured.. then mankind will move on to a new and less tired form of prejudice ... bleh !
  2. im a strong christian but ID doesnt sit well with me , have religious schools as an option for parents or free state schools that teach on a scientific basis and let the kids choose how they wanna fill in the gaps..
  3. they were good... i didnt know they ever continued making albums!!
  4. see him try to freestyle for barbara walters?? scary.. the guy is nuts.. each day im more convinced.. he has some music sensibility yes.. sanity.. he is a few cards short of a full deck..
  5. well I couldn't look him up on anywho.com so he's apparaently rich enough to have a private number. joe webb?? good luck getting him on the phone... :rofl:
  6. yeah .. qtip .. hey what happened to another TCQ album being in the works?
  7. the dude would be well placed in a sketch comedy with several actors and not just one central comic
  8. much as i hate to appear to defend eminem.. its possible the dude wasnt at all motivated by eminem,theres stacks of these "impersonators" .. toothless "chavs" with bleached hair and botched tattoos..
  9. thing bout chappelle.. a large portion of his sketches fall flat on their collective faces.. the good ones get sent all round the net .. on the strength of the good ones id seen online i bought season 1 .. i found that pretty much every other sketch besides the ones id already downloaded were very poor.. his standup is good and when he has the right dudes with him in a sketch he pulls it off nicely... still gonna watch s3
  10. i missed the 100 buck price mark.. good point man.. dont know if it would drop significantly or not.. all these articles tho lead to one thing, there are plenty of technologies out there superceding blu-ray and hd-dvd another point is that the hvd guys dont have industry muscle to support the initial production of the discs and players as do the blu and Hd camps
  11. haha.. dont they have those stupid advertising deals down there like in sydney? you pay a weekly fee thats supposedly good value (but is really crap) and they plaster your smart car with advertisments, you have to park where the ads will be visible to other drivers or they take the car away.. bleh! what we need here is some more toyota prius's ive only seen one in toowoomba but quite a few in brisbane..
  12. these things look very flimsy when you see them on the road.. not so.. pretty damn safe for their size actually! smart car smashes into concrete wall
  13. u reckon that guy will be comfortable kissing from now on or have a phobia?
  14. something has occurred to me.. whats the other important requirement besides resolution in a game?? framerate.. so.. ps3 ,xbox and revolution are all running on processors developed by ibm, the xbox on a power pc, revolution on "broadway" and ps3 on the cell processor.. im gonna go out on a limb and guess that these three chips while developed by three seperate teams at ibm are still relatively similar in power... now HD is just higher resolution and ps3 and xbox have "support" for HD , meaning all the games will start at resolution above that of your average , non HD tv which 99% of people currently have.. what happens when you jump up a couple of resolutions on a pc ? your framerate takes a dive! im saying.. if you have a normal tv then the revolution will appear to be the more powerful system.. this is just my hypothesis.. but the resolution to 99% of people will be the same for all three systems but as HD is a requirement for xbox 360 and ps3 games..lower framerates! id also like to add that nintendo has provision to support hd further down the track when developers have figured out how to program the revolution efficiently and when a larger percentage of people will have bought hd sets.. apologies in advance for being a nintendo fanboy... :jusmindyabizness:
  15. TRY THIS BLURAY AND HD!! bwa haha die like betamax's forgotten stepbrother.. i wish.. theyll still push them out.. and HVD will be ready by december 2006.. grr
  16. previous attempts .. what happened prior to singer getting the project
  17. least dubbya knows G-Unit has his back when his term runs out...
  18. dude... check the link on previous page.. "disk tech" the discs are cd sized with 1.6tb and a transfer rate of 120megaBYTES per second. this is why i wish the industry would use something bigger cause blu-ray and HD are a jump in magnitude of 10 from dvd but there are existing disc technologies that are a FURTHER jump from HD in the magnitude of over 20 (blu-ray 50gb to 1.6tb holo discs)
  19. yes..thats how much dvd format stuff it can hold,but they are trying to sell us on the quality of hd and get us viewing it on a HDTV so what would be the point of having a series in dvd format if we've updated both our tv and optical disc player.. im sure that in hd mode the disc can only hold the same running time as a dvd can of its breed of footage.. so we'll still be buying season boxsets with 8 discs. sure enough.. perhaps i should add.. i have an irrational fear of clutter so my views on the practicality of boxsets are very skewed !!
  20. It'd probably be better if you read the book before watching the film! You can't read the book and take it too seriously! After all its fiction! He even states at the beginning of the book which parts are fact! yeah.. he makes it clear that langdon is a fictional character..but he has langdon make a series of discoveries through clues , texts and other sources.. these are fictional and merely serve as false evidence to support browns on theories about what happened historically
  21. i really should find out the length of footage you can fit on a hd/blu disc but im sure ive read its only slightly over what you get on a dvd disc at dvd quality .. so no box sets.. depends if they manage to up the specs of either of the formats before release
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