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  1. the new breed are egotists?? thus solo perhaps.. im sure more will come
  2. Well actually I think there is a need because religion is the father to a lot of the violence in the world (even though drugs and alcohol is worse in that aspect). remove religion and i guarantee you that humans will find plenty more excuses for violence and war , for the most part all these wars are actually in conflict with the message of the underlying religion, they are based on a perversion of a historic text 9/10 for all the evil done in the name of religion there is a lot of kindness in the name of it too..
  3. please dont let coz see this, please dont let coz see this.... *ahem* yes very cool .. If you wanna live a nice quiet life , Do yourself a favour , DONT COME OUT AT NIGHT
  4. Modded Audi nice car, not that it would handle speed bumps or anything that would make your car almost scrape the ground :1-cool:
  5. thing is there has to be a balance,he can only be so big before he stops being believable as clark kent the mild mannered reporter
  6. yeah welling is good no question, but he didnt want the role, said he never wants to don the suit,also its confusing because if they used him (or dean cain suggested above) it brings in the question of whether it follows on directly from the tv series, and smallville the movie isnt really possible cause while its a great tv show, both lois and lex know clark as a teenager WITHOUT his nerdy spectacled persona. routh looks good though i think
  7. Superman Returns FULL TRAILER! dah! much lex and superman :1-eek:
  8. dear god.. its quite obvious he has that camera poised.. look where its pointed.. i wouldnt be surprised if its set to go off by motion sensor... perhaps tims considering a new career?
  9. on cube - fight night round 2 , animal crossing, timesplitters 3,lord of the rings ROTK,1080,mario kart,fzero
  10. Poor Brandon!! no one has seen his performance yet and still people say he cant match Reeve,despite the fact that the guy who cast Chris Reeve said Brandon was perfect for the role.. bear in mind that Singer loved the original movies.. im so looking forward to this.. and will see it at Imax as opposed to normal cinema as its using the highest resolution video camera in existence.. the genesis.. 12 megapixels baby!! :2thumbs:
  11. bring on the next positive wave of hiphop!! bring it!!
  12. the thing is, its consistent with past statements.. just another notch up the crazy scale.. and we've heard him say weird stuff on tv and radio
  13. Quick!! somebody tell Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy!! Kayne is gonna be providing us with fun quotes for at least the next ten years.. he will go down in history alright.. but not for the reasons he thinks.. if your work is SO good kanye, sit back and let the praise roll in dont generate it yourself!
  14. yeah cause when it is used.. its like a club .. just let the word die..
  15. you were on the bill twice is that right man? how long ago did the most recent one screen.. my dad watches every week and i used to before about 1999 (i think) when they got a new production team and it basically turned into a soap
  16. better a post whore than a lurker anyday!! holding back on posts means that theres less stimulation on a board,it annoys me when people do a whole string of multi posts and im the worst one for it.. type a post, think about it, come back 5 min later and add to it..
  17. and the above can actually be used to your advantage........ if you want her to find out something great about you without it sounding like you are trying to impress her, slip it into the same conversation where you rave about how cool you think the girl is..
  18. atkinson has a giant giant fanbase.. if they were to create a new generation of blackadder or a new run of bean episodes they would be surefire sellers
  19. didnt see so many but Batman followed closely by Narnia for the good War of the worlds i would say had the worst ending of any movie i saw this year (how fast it happened and the way it was executed)
  20. Bean is good, but Blackadder is great !
  21. yeah i doubt peeps on here were buying it anyway.. im just a stirrer :)
  22. that the fact prince french kissed his male guitarist back in the day makes him some how homosexual HAHA! maybe the dude was just like one of the dudes in shalimar..... hmm firm as a mutherf**er
  23. I like prince and will what they are saying is very stupid.. i saw the interview on TV and the only part they were dead serious about is that they tell each other if they find a person sexy.. in context it was just a cheeky game they play like "im seeing this person, you just dont know yet" etc .. as for being gay... theres no possible reason to think that.. and as for prince .. well he may be Bi but not just gay.. i think he is straight but i havent seen him in person as someone on this board can attest and holds an alternate theory bout the dude !!
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