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  1. dont forget jam & spoon !!!!!
  2. yeah i know cds have no connection to dvds other than being an optical disc for media. dvd is a widely accepted format now.. people were quick to adopt due to an obvious and big difference to the previous VHS format. given the high res nature of hd media i think that soon enough another format will come round bout two or three years after blu/hd dvd, what im saying is.. ppl will be pissed at updating their content every 3-4 years .. if they brought out a disc format with capacity over 100gb the quality difference might even have some effect on the trend of people going straight to bittorrent for their movies
  3. i still maintain its too little and too soon.. we're still using cds.. even when we buy music online in the form of mp3s its not up to the standard of a cd track.. and how long have they been around... the next jump would be better made when they can get a season of a tv show onto a single disc in high def.
  4. will could play a number of characters.. im not super familiar with nick fury but i could see a few other possible roles.. as for john stewart.. i dont see taye or will as him.. john stewart doesnt have the sense of humour that will does.. he seems over sensible if that makes sense... will could rock it as a black version of tony stark.. iron man!
  5. ill probably watch the movie as i read the book.. what kept me reading the book was the indy jones type vibe but dan brown is an idiot.. he has his own theories about what happened in history which lead him to believe gradually more prepostorous theories which he pads with fact in his book.. the story in which is pure fiction.. but the fictional story and the occaisional fact are only there to make his theories appear to be true. its BS in my book,but still an interesting read
  6. disk tech there are lots of new disc technologies,unfortunately theres 2 competing camps (HD-DVD vs Blu ray) for the successor to dvd.. neither have the capacity/advancement to supercede dvd, we are talking 35-50gb from a multilayered disc when dvd can get up to around 9gb.. stupid.. make everyone buy a new player when a decent format comes out.. something in the range of 300gb would be a worthwhile step up and almost justify having to ditch ya dvd player in relation to storcard.. theres a prototype out there for a holographic disc with the shape of a credit card and twice the width.. in the region of 50gb !
  7. please tell me its not "2 unlimited" ... just kidding... ive got some 90's megamixes for nostalgic purposes :2thumbs:
  8. you are joking right???? ahh well.. poppy as he is gary barlow IMHO is more talented than robbie.. not as much of a showman .. but in every other aspect.
  9. Thats right.. and most of the people who afford a nice hdtv would be the same peeps with a high end pc anyway? i was stupid enough to think the madden footage first released was real not renders.. erg. in reality the next gen is a far smaller leap than ps1-ps2 n64-GC etc but the online stuff on all three consoles should be cool i guess.
  10. the dude looks very different from pic to pic.. the best part about his selection is how different he looks as kent.. doesnt require the same level of suspension of disbelief as reeve or even cain.. im worried it wont be good.. but hoping they dont f*** it up.. either way ill watch it at an imax theatre.. its shooting on a new vid camera.. the highest res and most accurate color reproduction in existence so should at least look nice!
  11. they had great potential i thought.. i loved joints and jams.. and the clip of it.. fergie sucks. where is the love live vs the cd version illustrates that she has bigger balls than JT
  12. just think.. we nearly had nic cage as superman... and yeah tims right half those directors left for other projects due to setbacks... but all of them tried.. i think abrams script was the closest to being accepted.. would have been interesting...
  13. the last ssx on gamecube is very good... the one prior.. not so clear to see where you are going... not liking that.. anyone got the tiger woods 2003-2006 ?? they are on all systems but you can program your build,hairstyle,facial structure and mannerisms into it so multiplayer is very funny.. same with EA fight night(boxing) you gradually buff the virtual version of yourself up then inflict bruises and cuts upon your best mates! im waiting for a nintendo for many reasons.. power will be equal or exceed 360 though its coming later.. i think the online gaming may be subscription free (the nintendo DS is free for online).. it will get ports from xbox and ps3,plus when using the motion sensitive controllers(it has a standard control pad as well) games will be possible that arent practical on other systems.. then theres the nintendo catalog you can download ,res increased framerate increased games from nes through to n64.. and the fact that game companies can sell you games directly to the flash mem on the console if they dont have the initial investment to produce optical discs.. and the best part, it will be launching at under 150 US anyone know if the PS3 is deff gonna do blu-ray disc playback???
  14. well if it has something in the magnitude of 8gb then yeah , itd be good,failing that sd cards are past 2gb now so you could just pop one into a credit card shaped holder and have the same effect.
  15. taking nintendo out of the equation for a second... its interesting to listen to the software developers comments on the game development kits they've been sent from sony and microsoft... when the hardware specs for each were released they were all hyped about ps3 but since they got the kits...there have been some complaints about how hard it is to program for.. that its very very complicated to use all the machines capabilities in unison... in contrast to the 360 which is reportedly as easy as the original Xbox to program for... the predictions are that despite the power gap between the two systems the complex nature of the ps3 developer kits is gonna mean that the ps3 will only begin to surpass the 360 in the last year of the upcoming console cycle.... as for nintendo... well their specs keep changing every time.. getting gradually more powerful,seems like they are still shopping round for the best deals they can get with manufacturers as far as faster chips/memory.. i think this is why no-one has seen screen shots yet... but it is using similar hardware so the Xbox,but obviously because its coming out a lot later it will have more compact or slightly faster versions.. it'll be interesting to see how it all pans out eh...
  16. damn you.. I am and one of these days... im gonna prove it!
  17. i was undecided on whether to pick some of commons stuff up.. i remain undecided!
  18. makes me sick when I see him hold up that baby/kid in his vid.. paving the way for a better future through his positive messages is he???
  19. im still trying to accept the fact that damon is in gorillaz at all :)
  20. thats awful for him .. but.. how many times can you declare yourself bankrupt?? hasnt he done this before?(filed)
  21. got a 2002 model windows smartphone.. i listen to podcasts on it or even watch tv/dvd footage ive ripped on it... i fit bout 6-8 hours of stuff on SD card when im staying at work for a week..(awake shifts at night and such like).. very nice even tho ive battered the hell out of it and its slightly chunky.
  22. ive got high hopes for it .. not liking parkey poseys character..dont like her much (playing luthors lady) but as for bryan singer as director.. he must have given a damn good presentation to get WB to pay for this.. they rejected burton, ratner,JJ abrams,kevin smith(lost and alias!) and a bunch of other directors since they started to get a new superman flick going (mid nineties they began!)
  23. 50 made a stupid comparison.. his film having the same impact as an action movie... action movies are usually fictional and dont feature pre-existing REAL life characters with a following of millions some of them impressionable and already buying into his thug BS to some degree.
  24. thing common has totally wrong is the association of dreads with rastas only. info on dreads polti,kavil,gabriel,stan,pedro,peya,ben.. friends from school who sported dreads and it had nothing to do with rastafarianism or racism.. it was just something they did back home in papua new guinea and there are plenty of other cultures im sure who have a long association with dreads
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